Unveiled: The electric Connect transit

Many car and van manufacturers around the world are beginning to incorporate eco friendly fuel and power systems to their new designs. Many manufacturers are still designing and only just releasing details of their planned vehicles whilst companies like Ford have already been road testing electric and CO2 friendly versions of their already popular commercial vans.

At the Geneva motor show this month, Ford have just announced that a version of the company’s very successful light commercial van the Ford Transit Connect has been adapted to be powered by Electricity. The model that was demonstrated at the motor show was one of several that is currently being tested with the UK and is based on the Transit Connect Kombi.

Bill Ford, the executive chairman for the Motor Company told attendees of the motor show “By providing a variety of electrified vehicles, we are making it easier for our customers to embrace this fuel-saving technology. This strategy is true to our heritage of making innovative technology available to as many people as possible and to our vision of developing great products, building a strong business and contributing to a better world.”

One of the great advantages of running an electric commercial van is the saving of fuel costs and many of the other everyday expenses of running a commercial vehicle. The Transit Connect is already one of the most popular vans for sale and offers great value for money, a very spacious payload area and seems like the ideal choice for Ford to use as a flagship light commercial vehicle within the electric van market.

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