Ford front vehicle scrappage scheme

For those that are worried that they will be out of pocket by quite a large amount when the proposed low emission zone (LEZ) scheme comes into effect on January 3rd 2012 there is some good news.

The Ford Motor Group will be softening the blow for many of their London customers by offering a great deal on their commercial vans such as their popular Transit Vans , Transit Connect and their new Ranger vehicle. Owners of vehicles that are 10 years old or over could easily benefit from the Ford scrappage scheme and find reductions of up to £3000 off a new Ford van.

The scheme was introduced by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and will mean that anyone driving a vehicle that is deemed to have a high fuel emission will be charged a fee of £100 per day and possibly a fine of £500 should they enter the designated zone in the heart of London.

Ford has released the following prices when trading in an older van against the price of a newer model that is classed as low emission.

Trading in a Transit Connect can get you £1,500 off, a Front-wheel drive Transit £2,000 and a Rear-wheel Transit (V348) can give the maximum of £3,000 off a new commercial vehicle.

The Mayor of London has spoken of Ford’s help towards the city’s next step in becoming more environmentally friendly by saying “I am delighted that Ford is being so supportive with its commercial vehicle scrappage scheme, allowing Londoners to trade up their vehicles to new, cleaner models. It is particularly pleasing that vans running on engines made locally in the capital are part of this package. Ford’s commitment as market leader is a fantastic contribution to my goal of a less polluted London with a great quality of life.”

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