Hydrogen vans take flight at Stansted

Stansted Airport has always been known as the greenest Airport in London and this year will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. The airport has been at the forefront in testing many environmentally and eco friendly ideas and has just started a trial that will highlight the uses and practicality of eco fuel systems.

A launch ceremony for their new hydrogen vans took place at Stansted Airport this month and was attended by over 300 people including members of the government, local council, industry officials and the media. The Airport is one of the first businesses to participate in the (HOST) Hydrogen On-Site Test programme and is expected to use the trial as a basis for the affordability / viability of adding Hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles to its large fleet of commercial vehicles.

The first stage of the programme has seen two modified Transit Vans join alongside the host of other vehicles that work as the backbone of the airport. One of the differences between this project and other hydrogen based fuel trials is the companies HFuel portable refuelling system. Through the use of electrolysis the system is able to produce hydrogen that is uniquely free of any carbon emissions if linked to a renewable source of energy such as wind power or hydropower.

The airport’s head of health safety commented on the Ford Commercial van trial saying “The airport’s average air quality is well within the EU limits but we’re always keen to seek and explore new opportunities that will further reduce our emissions and our carbon footprint”.

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