Mercedes Goes Green with Fuel Cell Production

Mercedes are to pushing forward with their desire to be a green car maker with the announcement of a new fuel cell production plant in Vancouver, Canada. The factory will be producing new fuel cells which will go on to power a range of Mercedes hybrid cars. Mercedes has collaborated with German firm Accumotive Gmbh to come up with the battery technology.

The new Canadian plant will be a one stop shop for fuel cell production by offering everything from research and development to mass production of the cells. These brand new fuel cells will be suitable for Mercedes range of sedans including the C-Class and E-Class.

Mercedes already has a hybrid car in the works, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell, with the fuel cell being provided by the AFCC (The Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation) which was created back in 2008 by For, Daimler and Ballard.

The work at the Vancouver facility is to begin straightaway with construction of the 20,000 square foot factory due to be completed in 2012. It is expected that the first usable fuel cells will roll off the production line in 2013.

Fuel cells will provide motorists with an increased efficiency providing a greater power output and also will take up much less space in the car than current systems.

Hydrogen fuel cells are believed by many to be the power source of the future as they are much more efficient than electric cars, and will prove to be far greener and cheaper to run then petrol. Even the pro petrol heads Top Gear have admitted that fuel cells are the future of motoring and are looking forward to the day when these futuristic cars roll off the production lines.

If in the mean time you want to stick to your regular petrol car then visit a Mercedes dealer to see their range of amazing machines.

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