Some Royally Different Weddings

Unless you have been living on Mars for the past year you will have heard about the royal wedding that is taking place on Friday the 29th of April this year. Even though most royal ceremonies rely on traditional means and all of the pomp and circumstance that comes with it, cars will still play a major part in transporting the happy couple and their guests to the church on time.

Rolls Royce’s will be used on the day to drive the royal couple to the church and then the procession through London afterwards. Of course this is a very extravagant way of travelling and many couples can make their wedding day their own by not having to spend such a large quantity of money. Here is just a few of the wonderful wedding vehicle ideas that couples have used in the past, enjoy!

A fire engine certainly isn’t the usual way to get to a wedding but a couple in the UK decided upon using the 1976 Dennis F131 to start their journey towards their marital celebrations. The fire engine was also featured in the ITV television series London’s burning.

What could be more tranquil then a classic limousine or even a stagecoach to get you to your wedding? Well certainly not an armoured personnel carrier that has served in both Bosnia and the Gulf war. An English company hires out some of its many military vehicles for special occasions and the TankLimo has been used by several wedding couples in the past. The 432 APC is certainly capable of creating explosive atmosphere to any wedding day!

And even if these are still far too wacky for you then you can be assured that there are many New Ford Cars that can get you to the wedding on time (and a lot more discrete).

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