The white van man travels to the small screen

A ‘white van man’ is a term that is used to describe drivers of commercial vehicles on Britain’s roads; the phrase can mean anyone that drives a small to medium vans such as the Ford Transit. A large percentage of this group are thought to be either self-employed or work for small construction or courier businesses.

Ever since the term ‘White Van man’ was coined by one of Radio 2’s presenters Sarah Kennedy it has become a household term, which is why a comedy has now been written on the topic and is being shown on the UK television channel BBC Three.

The show is written by Adrian Poynton and stars actor Will Mellor (Previously of Hollyoaks and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) and Georgia Moffet who has starred in many TV series including The Bill and Doctor Who. Shot in and around Greater Manchester the show currently runs on Tuesday nights and is already about to have its third episode shown.

The storyline centres on Ollie who is a character who dreams about starting and owning his own restaurant, when his father becomes ill Ollie is asked to take over the families handyman business. Sadly for Ollie its not quite plain sailing as a dodgy van, strange assistant and a whole host of odd clients come attached to the job.

The show has already received some good reviews regarding the script and the characters, if you are a white van man and don’t mind a little bit of fun regarding your profession then why not tune in and take a look. Let’s hope it’s a success or the BBC might be selling off some cheap Used Commercial Vans soon!

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