Europe’s top selling car, The Ford Fiesta

Figures released by the worlds leading provider of motoring and automotive business trends have shown that the Ford Fiesta was Europe’s top selling small car in March and second most sold car in the first quarter of this year.

The Ford Fiesta was last revamped and remodelled back in 2008 and since then has sold a staggering 1,350,000 vehicles worldwide. According to the released data, this year in March the Ford Fiesta sold 50, 534 units in Europe, that is almost 10,000 units ahead of its next following competitor. The Fiesta has changed dramatically since its introduction in 1976, both in its looks and performance.

Roelant de Waard who is the vice president of sales and marketing for Ford Europe commented upon the news saying “And, with the all-new Ford Focus and the new C-MAX models – both just launched and already enjoying a strong sales momentum – Ford is further strengthening what is already an industry-leading product line-up in Europe”.

Ford are constantly finding new and improved ways of promoting their products which is one of the main reasons for their success over their competitors. Just this month a new campaign was launched and aimed at promoting the Ford Fiesta. The “love the summer vibes’ campaign is in partnership with one of the largest players in online media ‘Spotify’ and also in conjunction with the London radio station ‘Capital FM’. Viewers and listeners will be prompted to visit a specially made micro website with details about upcoming summer events and festivals. The campaign is expected to be a great hit and will incorporate a variety of social media platforms to create a ‘Buzz’ about its popular small car model the Fiesta.

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The New Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak was unveiled last month to the European consumer motor market at the annual Geneva Motor Show last month and has been hailed as having ‘21st century muscle and toughness’.

The Ranger model is already the flagship 4×4 from the Ford Motor group and the new improved ‘Wildtrak’ version features many improved features under the bonnet and around the interior/exterior. The engine incorporates a 2.2 litre turbo diesel four cylinder system that certainly gives it the punch that is needed to push its performance specs above of any other vehicles in its category. The Ranger Wildtrak also performs incredibly well when it comes to towing and payload carrying. Announced as being able to pull 7,730 pounds adequately and having a payload capacity of 2,930, it certainly is the vehicle for those in need of a heavyweight work vehicle.

The styling of the Wildtrak is also a major feature of its remodelling, on the outside the first thing you will notice will be its 18 inch alloy wheels, chrome roof rails and side steps. Inside the cab is just as alluring; the Wildtraks dashboard combines the Ranger’s already proven and trusted interior design with some added extras. Dashboard instruments include a display that shows the current off-road angles and even has extra options to include Bluetooth media streaming and ipod/iphone connectivity.

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Bugatti Veyron versus the Zonda F by The Stig

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race the Bugatti Veyron against the Zonda F? Well for this task you would need an exceptionally special racing driver.

Jeremy Clarkson would probably introduce him as a tamed racing driver & say things like… “Some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him……. All we know is he’s called THE STIG!!!”.

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The AA trust in the Ford Transit Van

When we encounter problems with our cars or vans we immediately rely on the expertise and knowledge of a breakdown and recovery company. The most popular breakdown company, the AA (Automobile Association), have been rescuing stranded drivers and passengers since 1905.

The company already has 3000 vehicles within its fleet, ranging from motorcycles through to large recovery vehicles, which service the country. When it comes to investing in more commercial vehicles, the company has chosen to purchase vans from the Ford Motor Company. An order of a whopping 500 vehicles has been given to Ford, most of them the Ford Transit model. Fifty of the new Ford Commercial vehicles will be used by the AA’s windscreen repair department which already uses 100% Ford Models. The remaining 450 vehicles will be added to the frontline of the breakdown company’s fleet and will be expected to be on the road, with a flashy new yellow finish, by the end of the year.

Ford’s relationship has been close with the AA since 2011 when they purchased 247 vehicles. This really does go to show that when seeking reliability and value for money that the Ford brand is by far the highest recommended.

The Transit is the most popular van on the market and has retained that title for the past 40 years. Judging by this latest show of support it will continue to prosper for many years to come.

The Sales Manager of Ford UK, Paul Henderson, commented “Ford and the AA have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship which is further strengthened by this new, large order of Ford Transits. We look forward to working with the AA to help maintain its status as the UK’s largest roadside assistance organisation.”

Ford Cars: Looking after your health

Everyone knows how advanced the new designs coming from the Ford Motor Company are; collaborations with Google to its implementation of wireless media hubs in its new Ford Focus models show just how much they are advancing motoring design.

We are becoming very accustomed to our cars containing many different meters and dials that tell us everything from tyre pressures to outside temperatures, but how much further can car manufacturers go? Well, how about having your car monitor your health?

The Car giant Ford have announced that in the near future it will be working with many medical and health equipment companies in a bid to bring its cars monitoring systems a step up above the rest of its competitors. The company hope to be able to work in conjunction with many different specialists to produce equipment that will be able to keeps checks on existing health problems such as diabetes, hypoglycaemia and asthma. At the heart of this system will be the already successfully Ford SYNC™ wireless interface hub.

Already, one of the first applications the motoring corporation are hoping to build will be an allergy app, this will alert drivers and passengers if pollen levels increase outside in much the same way as weather reports and temperatures are presented.

Another type of application would be suited for sufferers of diabetes, analysing blood sugar levels within passengers, the device would simply once initiated receive data from a monitoring device wirelessly to alert of any sudden changes.

Ford certainly are ensuring that they are at the forefront of motoring technology and with that in mind why not visit your local Ford dealership to view their great range of new Ford cars.

New Ford Commercial Revamp in the Pipeline

Ford have just announced that within the next three years it will be making many new changes and revamps to its current range of Ford commercial vehicles. The UK Managing Director of Ford Motors has just released news that over the next three years Ford will be making what is thought to be the company’s biggest ever investment in its commercial van division so far.

Judging by the announcement we should be seeing, within the next three years, newly designed and revamped versions of the already popular Transit van and Ford Transit Connect models. Both of these will be joining the upcoming new Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 which will be released in the near future. Even though the Transit van as a whole will be receiving an overhaul both in looks and performance, it has been mentioned that the current model will be also be getting upgraded in the near future. This is due to the demand from current users and the impact upon them regarding CO2 emission regulations that have been introduced recently such as the LEZ (London Emission Zone).

The Econetic version of the Transit van will see a new long wheel base version which, Ford claims, will save owners in excess of £16,000 over 80,000 miles of usage.

The Ford Transit Connect will also be seeing advancements in its modelling within the next three years, it is speculated that an Econetic version will be released to bring the vehicles CO2 emissions further down in accordance with the Euro5 rules and regulations that will be coming into effect at the end of the year.

Commercial van registration numbers up

Figures just released have shown that the number of commercial van registrations so far in 2011 have improved upon last years already high numbers. The Figures show that an increase of almost 24.1% occurred in April this year compared to April last year. This increase is of course something that has been speculated upon as for the past fifteen months the number of transit vans being registered on the United Kingdoms roads has steadily increased.

A large part of the growing trend in new vehicle registrations has been attributed to the upcoming levy and regulations regarding London’s low emission zone. The zone which from the third of January 2012 will charge varying degrees to van operators inside the zone depending on their vans emission rates. Many dealers including Ford are offering schemes and incentives to upgrade from older vehicles to much more energy efficient and eco friendly vehicles.

The director of the RMI National Franchised dealers association commented upon the increase in numbers saying “Demonstrating an ongoing resurgence of confidence in the commercial vehicle market, April recorded the 15th successive monthly rise for new van registrations, up by 21% in the month. Truck figures saw an even healthier growth, up steeply by 40%, the seventh successive monthly rise,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. “Year to date figures for almost every sector were up significantly on 2010, a trend that is likely to continue throughout the year.”

This is certainly great news for dealers and manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as Ford who sell great vans such as the Ford Transit Connect and the Transit Van.

Google and Ford combine

Google are famous for their cutting edge software and technologies and ‘Googling’ has become a part of modern language over the past ten years. The company have now even moved into Smartphone’s and their software powers many of the latest tablet computers.

Now something that you wouldn’t expect Google to be involved with is helping with increasing fuel economy. Well knowing just how big the company are, maybe you would expect it! This month the search engine and internet technologies company announced that they have been working in conjunction with the Ford Motor Group in a very ambitious project to incorporate their Application Programming Interface (API) into the motor companies increasing range of hybrid electric/petrol vehicles.

One of the ways the two would coincide would be through the software deciding upon the most economical route to take. The software is usually employed within shopping carts and websites and analyzes and logs customer’s shopping habits and when enough data is collated will offer suggestions for other products.

This system works in very much the same way within a car. A scenario would be for example:-

A driver would have the system installed in their hybrid Ford vehicle where it would learn the driver’s recurring destinations and routes. The next day the driver would enter the car and be asked by the software if they were heading to one of the destinations logged already. If the destination was chosen by the driver then the car would use its technology to firstly choose the most economical route and set off. One of the features of a system like this working along with motoring technology would mean the car could precisely estimate how much electric power it would need to use compared with petrol/diesel power. This would mean you are continually saving money by fuel conservation and at the same time also reducing your carbon footprint.

Even though a working retail version may not be available for many years, why not head down to your local Ford Dealers and take advantage of the companies’ already highly intelligent designs and ideas as you browse the many New Ford Cars for Sale.

The Continental ISR

Bentley ISR

For those who follow these things you may have heard that back in February the one of the worlds best rally drivers Juha Kankkunen broke the world speed record on ice, also know as the ice speed record (ICR). The record was set in a specially modified Bentley Continental Super-sports convertible, which managed an average ‘two-pass’ speed of 205.48mph.

And now for the big news, Bentley is marking this fantastic achievement by releasing a limited edition of the car of which 100 will be made. The Continental ISR is a divergence from the usual Bentley style with a more radical design. It’ll be available in three different colours Quartzite, Beluga and the most striking of the three Artica White and will be fitted out with the usual interior comfort with beautifully done leatherwork. All the models feature a striking red carbon fibre trim to mark them out as ISR models and dark grey soft tops.

Engine wise you’re looking at 630bhp from its W12 twin turbo engine leading to acceleration to 60mph of 3.8 second. This extra power over the normal versions comes with the latest improvements in the exhaust, air intakes and the intercooler. Fuel wise it’ll run on either your regular unleaded petrol or the reduced emission E85 bio-ethanol.

So if this sounds like it could take for fancy then why not pop down to your local Bentley Dealer or Bentley Specialist to find out more, as it’s a great chance to pick up a fantastic limited edition.