Ford Cars: Looking after your health

Everyone knows how advanced the new designs coming from the Ford Motor Company are; collaborations with Google to its implementation of wireless media hubs in its new Ford Focus models show just how much they are advancing motoring design.

We are becoming very accustomed to our cars containing many different meters and dials that tell us everything from tyre pressures to outside temperatures, but how much further can car manufacturers go? Well, how about having your car monitor your health?

The Car giant Ford have announced that in the near future it will be working with many medical and health equipment companies in a bid to bring its cars monitoring systems a step up above the rest of its competitors. The company hope to be able to work in conjunction with many different specialists to produce equipment that will be able to keeps checks on existing health problems such as diabetes, hypoglycaemia and asthma. At the heart of this system will be the already successfully Ford SYNC™ wireless interface hub.

Already, one of the first applications the motoring corporation are hoping to build will be an allergy app, this will alert drivers and passengers if pollen levels increase outside in much the same way as weather reports and temperatures are presented.

Another type of application would be suited for sufferers of diabetes, analysing blood sugar levels within passengers, the device would simply once initiated receive data from a monitoring device wirelessly to alert of any sudden changes.

Ford certainly are ensuring that they are at the forefront of motoring technology and with that in mind why not visit your local Ford dealership to view their great range of new Ford cars.

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