Google and Ford combine

Google are famous for their cutting edge software and technologies and ‘Googling’ has become a part of modern language over the past ten years. The company have now even moved into Smartphone’s and their software powers many of the latest tablet computers.

Now something that you wouldn’t expect Google to be involved with is helping with increasing fuel economy. Well knowing just how big the company are, maybe you would expect it! This month the search engine and internet technologies company announced that they have been working in conjunction with the Ford Motor Group in a very ambitious project to incorporate their Application Programming Interface (API) into the motor companies increasing range of hybrid electric/petrol vehicles.

One of the ways the two would coincide would be through the software deciding upon the most economical route to take. The software is usually employed within shopping carts and websites and analyzes and logs customer’s shopping habits and when enough data is collated will offer suggestions for other products.

This system works in very much the same way within a car. A scenario would be for example:-

A driver would have the system installed in their hybrid Ford vehicle where it would learn the driver’s recurring destinations and routes. The next day the driver would enter the car and be asked by the software if they were heading to one of the destinations logged already. If the destination was chosen by the driver then the car would use its technology to firstly choose the most economical route and set off. One of the features of a system like this working along with motoring technology would mean the car could precisely estimate how much electric power it would need to use compared with petrol/diesel power. This would mean you are continually saving money by fuel conservation and at the same time also reducing your carbon footprint.

Even though a working retail version may not be available for many years, why not head down to your local Ford Dealers and take advantage of the companies’ already highly intelligent designs and ideas as you browse the many New Ford Cars for Sale.

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