The AA trust in the Ford Transit Van

When we encounter problems with our cars or vans we immediately rely on the expertise and knowledge of a breakdown and recovery company. The most popular breakdown company, the AA (Automobile Association), have been rescuing stranded drivers and passengers since 1905.

The company already has 3000 vehicles within its fleet, ranging from motorcycles through to large recovery vehicles, which service the country. When it comes to investing in more commercial vehicles, the company has chosen to purchase vans from the Ford Motor Company. An order of a whopping 500 vehicles has been given to Ford, most of them the Ford Transit model. Fifty of the new Ford Commercial vehicles will be used by the AA’s windscreen repair department which already uses 100% Ford Models. The remaining 450 vehicles will be added to the frontline of the breakdown company’s fleet and will be expected to be on the road, with a flashy new yellow finish, by the end of the year.

Ford’s relationship has been close with the AA since 2011 when they purchased 247 vehicles. This really does go to show that when seeking reliability and value for money that the Ford brand is by far the highest recommended.

The Transit is the most popular van on the market and has retained that title for the past 40 years. Judging by this latest show of support it will continue to prosper for many years to come.

The Sales Manager of Ford UK, Paul Henderson, commented “Ford and the AA have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship which is further strengthened by this new, large order of Ford Transits. We look forward to working with the AA to help maintain its status as the UK’s largest roadside assistance organisation.”

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