The Continental ISR

Bentley ISR

For those who follow these things you may have heard that back in February the one of the worlds best rally drivers Juha Kankkunen broke the world speed record on ice, also know as the ice speed record (ICR). The record was set in a specially modified Bentley Continental Super-sports convertible, which managed an average ‘two-pass’ speed of 205.48mph.

And now for the big news, Bentley is marking this fantastic achievement by releasing a limited edition of the car of which 100 will be made. The Continental ISR is a divergence from the usual Bentley style with a more radical design. It’ll be available in three different colours Quartzite, Beluga and the most striking of the three Artica White and will be fitted out with the usual interior comfort with beautifully done leatherwork. All the models feature a striking red carbon fibre trim to mark them out as ISR models and dark grey soft tops.

Engine wise you’re looking at 630bhp from its W12 twin turbo engine leading to acceleration to 60mph of 3.8 second. This extra power over the normal versions comes with the latest improvements in the exhaust, air intakes and the intercooler. Fuel wise it’ll run on either your regular unleaded petrol or the reduced emission E85 bio-ethanol.

So if this sounds like it could take for fancy then why not pop down to your local Bentley Dealer or Bentley Specialist to find out more, as it’s a great chance to pick up a fantastic limited edition.

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