The New Ferrari FF.

Great news for any Ferrari lovers out there! This years Goodwood Festival, running this weekend, will host the unveiling of the new flagship Ferrari the fantastic four-seater V12, available soon via Ferrari Dealership.

The new FF badge is an acronym for ‘Ferrari Four’ which represent the new sports car concept of twinning four seats with four-wheel drive, which as Ferrari themselves put it is ‘not so much an evolution as a true revolution’.

Ferrari went on to explain that; “The FF is the first road car to take drive to the front wheels from the front of the crankshaft, rather than through a separate transfer case. The innovative and patented 4RM system weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional four-wheel drive system and ensures perfect weight distribution (47:53) for the optimum driving performance that clients expect from a Ferrari, even for a Grand Tourer with four seats”.

The ‘optimum driving performance’ in the quote above is delivered by a brand new V12 6,262cc direct injection engine which creates and impressive 660hp at 8,000 rpm. Mix in with this is the fantastic transaxle dual-clutch F1 gearbox to help get that power to the ground and provide blistering acceleration. The stats read 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds with a tops speed of just over 200 mph.

This merger of great versatility and comfort with all you would normally expect from a high-performance sports car makes for an incredible experience. So if this sounds like something that’s right up your street then pop down to your local Ferrari Dealer to find out a little more.

Ford Speak out on the UK’s car Economy

This month on the 28th of July the annual “International Automotive Summit” took place in Westminster. Members that attended included a varied and influential mix of international heads of some of the largest businesses involved within the car industry, political figures and an array of keynote speakers.

In the recent and somewhat troublesome financial climate, there have been many discussions regarding the way forward when it comes to expanding the United Kingdoms car manufacturing output. The Ford Motor Groups European chief executive Stephen Odell commented on this topic at the summit on his feelings towards the future of UK car making and how to go forward.

Making sure that the government have a firm plan will be essential to expand the countries car manufacturing or else the UK will fail to rebalance the economy. Citing that one of the largest problems within the current climate is that of car production is already riddled with overcapacity. This meaning that many car suppliers are offering unrealistic prices as a means to keep their plants and related departments open.

At present the UK motoring industry employs over 700,000 people and exports over 15 billion pounds per year. The UK counts for 10% of the world’s car exports which shows just how important the country is.

Mr Odell who was speaking not only on behalf of Ford Motors but the coalition of auto traders under the banner of the SMCC made clear that they were not demanding grants or financial assistance as a means of help from the government. He explained that education was very important when it came to expanding the autos market, meaning getting a larger amount of students to take up related subjects such as science, technology and engineering. Something that Ford has began to develop with their recent scholarships schemes that they have introduced within the UK.

The talk of ways forward in expanding the car market within the United Kingdom is of course great news for Ford dealerships and will give people seeking new Ford cars for sale a much better deal.

A New Take on the Bentley Continental GT

If you’re looking for a new take on the old Bentley Continental GT then you’re in luck, the recently launched “Mulliner Styling Specification’s Classic Pack” may be just the thing you’re looking for from your local Bentley Dealership.

The new exterior design for the back is crisp and ultra-sharp, with beautifully styled new front splitter, side extension blades, a new rear diffuser (more on this to follow) and sleek integrated strakes on the front intake grilles, all set off in modern smooth, high-gloss, coal black carbon fibre. The traditional Bentley ‘B’ makes and appearance too, with a “winged B” attached to the smooth side extension blades. It’s also worth mentioning that the GT’s fantastic trademark twin elliptical tailpipes a brilliantly set them off, but the new rear diffuser which has a real sense of definition and good design.

Next up are all the options available with the package, 21 inch alloy wheels with seven sleek spokes painted black offset by black carbon-fibre bezels and featuring dark mesh front wing vents. In addition to those fantastic wheels there’s also a smooth dark black carbon fibre rear spoiler, and wing mirror cowls available.

This great new package was designed by Bentley’s head of exterior design, Raul Pires, who is understandably proud of this fantastic piece of design. To honour this and in keeping with Bentley’s quality commitment, all the new sections have had the full range of testing at the Crewe factory in north-west England, by the great technicians there, to make sure they handle as well as the rest of the car.

So, if this sounds like an offer too good to refuse then why not head down to your local Bentley Dealer today.

Bands in Ford Transits

Transit vans are by far the most popular commercial vehicle in the UK, not only are used Ford vans used by tradesmen such as builders and couriers but musicians too. Since its introduction in 1965 musicians and individuals involved within the music industry have been making full use of the Ford Transit Van’s power, versatility and performance. Nowadays, it is still a common sight to see a group of people unloading or loading a Ford Commercial van with musical equipment such as public address systems, amplifiers and guitars outside a pub or nightclub.

It’s no wonder that the vehicle that has become the backbone to the transportation of the entertainment industry has taken a step forward and had its role further brought into the spotlight. ‘Bands in Transit’ is a wonderful website that gives both upcoming and established musicians the opportunity to perform their tracks in the back of a Ford Transit. The commercial van sessions are recorded and streamed live via the ‘Bands in Transit’ website and then uploaded to YouTube for future viewing.

Most recently musicians and groups have been performing their songs in the back of the specially equipped van at ‘The Great Escape’ festival in Brighton.

A New Land Rover on the Horizon?

With the massive popularity of medium sized SUV in the domestic US market and the explosive growth of the same market in China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, it looks like Land Rover might be looking to expand the range again beyond the latest Range Rover Evoque.

According to inside knowledge, the marketing team over at Land Rover are looking at adding a fourth model to the usual Land Rover / Range Rover line. The new model would sit between the Range Rover Sport and the new compact 4×4 the Range Rover Evoque, to create a middle ground SUV that would bridge the gap. This new model would aim for a lower price point starting at around £35k for a low end no frills going up to around £55k for the top end, which is great news for your local Land Rover Dealership.

This need for a new model is believed to have been brought on in part due to designers over at Land Rover seeing a gap in the market for an SUV of similar size to the BMW X6 but with a less aggressive style.

This new model, conceptually known as the ‘Grand Evoque’, will take the strong looks and features of the smaller Range Rover Evoque but scale them up in size. The new package would be able to take advantage of the many new technologies in Evoque, like the LR-MS platform, and would be able to offer a sporting appearance while maintaining interior space.

A guide to the Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

When it comes to commercial vans you will of course know that the Ford Transit is the world’s best selling and most popular model on the market. For those seeking a smaller yet just as reliable alternative, Ford developed the Ford Transit Connect, which has become a very popular choice for many companies and individuals.

The compact panel van has been in service since 2002 and since then has seen a growing increase in sales. It has won several awards and even won the truck of the year award in Northern American within its first year on the market.

The Ford Transit Connect was revamped last year and is now available as both short and long wheel base. For those that haven’t driven or tried out one of these fabulous vans one of the first things that you will notice is the sheer amount of shoulder and headroom available in the cab to both driver and passenger, making each journey as comfortable as possible. Storage space within the cab is also very good with not only internal shelves above the windscreen but also a large pocket for accessories and tools on the dashboard. With electric windows, electric/heated mirrors and windscreens you certainly get a great deal for the price tag.

The newest version of the Transit Connect is Bluetooth enabled and its CD /Radio controls are attached to the steering wheel for ease of use and safety. One thing to note is that there are plenty of extras you can order to go with your van such as manual air conditioning and passenger airbag, giving you endless options to explore.

So why not head to your local Ford Commercial dealers and take a test drive, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised not only by its performance but its price!

Eco-Friendly Sports Supercars coming to a Showroom near you soon

Green eco road for cars

Green Road For Eco-Cars

To most people the words Eco-Friendly and Sports Supercar wouldn’t normally follow in the same sentence. But with current worldwide pressure from the Global Summit of world leaders and environmental pressure groups to lower carbon emissions and pollution over the next 20 years, not to mention the rising cost of petrol, like most car manufacturers, the sports supercar manufacturers have to get more greenness into their business.

Its not surprising that many of the big names are going back to the drawing board to join the rise in the green car’s we are seeing appearing on our roads in these modern forward thinking eco aware times. This year’s Geneva Motor Show saw a rise in the number of sports supercars designed to be greener than their gas guzzling siblings, with a lower carbon footprint on paper and also to make you feel like you are doing your bit for the planet whilst driving along at the wrong side of 150mph…

Even the likes of Ferrari who have brought out their new petrol-electric hybrid 599 can switch between zero-emissions electric power, petrol power and a mix of both, plus they’ve even ditched the trademark red livery and painted it green! Porsche have unveiled their 918 Spyder, a mid-engined two-seater, which has an innovative plug-in hybrid, so you will be able to find one at your Porsche Dealership in the not to distant futute.

Another direction is the “Cygnet” from Aston Martin, as they are launching their green-eco offering very shortly (with the aim of lowering the super car company’s average emissions annually). The Aston Martin Cygnet is loosely based around the Toyota smart car which is one of the greenest non-electric cars in Toyota’s portfolio. Yes it could be argued that many of the new eco-green cars are not as environmentally green as they could be, but it has to be seen as a step in the right direction by many. So who knows you might even be able to buy one as a Pre owned Aston Martin in the future froma local dealer.

Ford’s £1 million for students

With universities charging more and more to enrol each year and the slow decline of government funding and assistance it is certainly a harrowing time for people seeking a return to education. Many are finding it so difficult to make ends meet that they are postponing taking up university places at all.

The Ford Motor Group have delighted many and given many people hope, due to a new scheme that they have introduced to help the next generation of prospective engineers and designers take their rightful place. The scheme which is a sponsorship programme has given what many have remarked upon as ‘A light at the end of the tunnel’.

The new scheme, known as ‘The Ford Blue Oval Sponsorship programme’ has been released as part of the 100th birthday celebrations of the motor company and is expected to be a great success. A staggering £1 million pounds is expected to be shared out amongst 100 students in a hope that it will help produce many more technicians and innovators to join the British motor industry.

Recently university fees have risen up-to almost £9000 and Fords offer of an individual sponsorship of £10000 could certainly support and help a student immensely and put them on the right track to a fantastic career. The sponsorship is only open to students that are seeking a place on certain technology, engineering and science courses at selected universities around the country.

So if you are interested in becoming the designer of tomorrow’s vehicles then why not contact Ford Motors for more information. Who knows, you could find one of your designs or innovations parked outside a Ford Dealership for sale in the future!

The Ford Fiesta 2012 the Newest Virtual Drive

Have you ever heard of the computer game ‘The Sims’? If not then where have you been! The game has been heralded as the most popular life simulation game of all time and has a huge fan base around the world. Since its creation in 2000 it has sold well over 6.5 million copies and in its year of release held the title of best selling PC game ever.

There are countless downloads and expansion packs that players can download online and now for the second time Ford have released their own digital download. Motor enthusiasts can now have the chance to give their in-game characters the wonderful Ford Focus 2012 to drive around their digital roads in this fabulous automobile.

Already a favourite at your local Ford Dealer the Ford Focus is set to take ‘The Sims’ by storm by causing motoring envy to your virtual and artificial intelligent neighbours! A recent poll by the games publishers has shown that 28% of players already drive a Ford car in real life, so of course why not drive the same in game!

The Ford expansion pack is the companies’ second venture into providing vanity items for ‘The Sims’, in 2010 the Ford Fusion, Edge and mustang were officered as free downloads. The Ford Focus 2012 is available as part of the ‘Neon Nights’ package which also includes a virtual t-shirt, top of the range stereo and even some neon lights.

For those seeking a non virtual Ford car why not head down to your local Ford Dealership and find out what they have to offer. It may well cost a lot more to buy but a dealer such as New Cars Chard can help you find a great deal to suit you.

Robots with lasers set to invade Ford Motors

Ford Robots

The Ford Motor company are well renowned for being motoring pioneers, at the forefront of pushing forward the boundaries of car making. Bearing that in mind it is no surprise that they have just released details that’s they will be investing a whopping $100 million in state of the art robotic technology to help with one of the motor industries greatest quality factors.

‘Wind noise’ may not be what you would consider to be one of the biggest challenges that face motor manufacturers, but Ford have announced they will be employing the latest technology available to ensure they get the closest fit and best finish possible.

The new $100 million equipment will be used in several of the motor companies’ plants around the world including their Michigan plant, their “Saarlouis” plant in Germany and Chicago Assembly Plant.

The robots are designed to inspect and find any possible signs that the cars body may not be as precise as expected in regards to its original specs. They will mechanically move down the manufacturing line and scan each newly assembled car and in particular the joint between the doors and the chassis.

It is said that the robots provide a level of precision not seen before especially within the motoring industry. A pilot trial of the robotic technology is being carried out currently in Fords German manufacturing plant in Saarlouis.

Already Ford have a large amount of technology developed within their manufacturing plants that help with countering and pinpointing causes of wind noise including air leakage tests and vibration and harshness chambers.

To experience just how wonderfully advanced a Ford car is, why not visit your local Ford Dealership and test drive one of their new Ford cars on display.