A New Land Rover on the Horizon?

With the massive popularity of medium sized SUV in the domestic US market and the explosive growth of the same market in China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, it looks like Land Rover might be looking to expand the range again beyond the latest Range Rover Evoque.

According to inside knowledge, the marketing team over at Land Rover are looking at adding a fourth model to the usual Land Rover / Range Rover line. The new model would sit between the Range Rover Sport and the new compact 4×4 the Range Rover Evoque, to create a middle ground SUV that would bridge the gap. This new model would aim for a lower price point starting at around £35k for a low end no frills going up to around £55k for the top end, which is great news for your local Land Rover Dealership.

This need for a new model is believed to have been brought on in part due to designers over at Land Rover seeing a gap in the market for an SUV of similar size to the BMW X6 but with a less aggressive style.

This new model, conceptually known as the ‘Grand Evoque’, will take the strong looks and features of the smaller Range Rover Evoque but scale them up in size. The new package would be able to take advantage of the many new technologies in Evoque, like the LR-MS platform, and would be able to offer a sporting appearance while maintaining interior space.

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