Bands in Ford Transits

Transit vans are by far the most popular commercial vehicle in the UK, not only are used Ford vans used by tradesmen such as builders and couriers but musicians too. Since its introduction in 1965 musicians and individuals involved within the music industry have been making full use of the Ford Transit Van’s power, versatility and performance. Nowadays, it is still a common sight to see a group of people unloading or loading a Ford Commercial van with musical equipment such as public address systems, amplifiers and guitars outside a pub or nightclub.

It’s no wonder that the vehicle that has become the backbone to the transportation of the entertainment industry has taken a step forward and had its role further brought into the spotlight. ‘Bands in Transit’ is a wonderful website that gives both upcoming and established musicians the opportunity to perform their tracks in the back of a Ford Transit. The commercial van sessions are recorded and streamed live via the ‘Bands in Transit’ website and then uploaded to YouTube for future viewing.

Most recently musicians and groups have been performing their songs in the back of the specially equipped van at ‘The Great Escape’ festival in Brighton.

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