Ford’s £1 million for students

With universities charging more and more to enrol each year and the slow decline of government funding and assistance it is certainly a harrowing time for people seeking a return to education. Many are finding it so difficult to make ends meet that they are postponing taking up university places at all.

The Ford Motor Group have delighted many and given many people hope, due to a new scheme that they have introduced to help the next generation of prospective engineers and designers take their rightful place. The scheme which is a sponsorship programme has given what many have remarked upon as ‘A light at the end of the tunnel’.

The new scheme, known as ‘The Ford Blue Oval Sponsorship programme’ has been released as part of the 100th birthday celebrations of the motor company and is expected to be a great success. A staggering £1 million pounds is expected to be shared out amongst 100 students in a hope that it will help produce many more technicians and innovators to join the British motor industry.

Recently university fees have risen up-to almost £9000 and Fords offer of an individual sponsorship of £10000 could certainly support and help a student immensely and put them on the right track to a fantastic career. The sponsorship is only open to students that are seeking a place on certain technology, engineering and science courses at selected universities around the country.

So if you are interested in becoming the designer of tomorrow’s vehicles then why not contact Ford Motors for more information. Who knows, you could find one of your designs or innovations parked outside a Ford Dealership for sale in the future!

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