Ford Speak out on the UK’s car Economy

This month on the 28th of July the annual “International Automotive Summit” took place in Westminster. Members that attended included a varied and influential mix of international heads of some of the largest businesses involved within the car industry, political figures and an array of keynote speakers.

In the recent and somewhat troublesome financial climate, there have been many discussions regarding the way forward when it comes to expanding the United Kingdoms car manufacturing output. The Ford Motor Groups European chief executive Stephen Odell commented on this topic at the summit on his feelings towards the future of UK car making and how to go forward.

Making sure that the government have a firm plan will be essential to expand the countries car manufacturing or else the UK will fail to rebalance the economy. Citing that one of the largest problems within the current climate is that of car production is already riddled with overcapacity. This meaning that many car suppliers are offering unrealistic prices as a means to keep their plants and related departments open.

At present the UK motoring industry employs over 700,000 people and exports over 15 billion pounds per year. The UK counts for 10% of the world’s car exports which shows just how important the country is.

Mr Odell who was speaking not only on behalf of Ford Motors but the coalition of auto traders under the banner of the SMCC made clear that they were not demanding grants or financial assistance as a means of help from the government. He explained that education was very important when it came to expanding the autos market, meaning getting a larger amount of students to take up related subjects such as science, technology and engineering. Something that Ford has began to develop with their recent scholarships schemes that they have introduced within the UK.

The talk of ways forward in expanding the car market within the United Kingdom is of course great news for Ford dealerships and will give people seeking new Ford cars for sale a much better deal.

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