Robots with lasers set to invade Ford Motors

Ford Robots

The Ford Motor company are well renowned for being motoring pioneers, at the forefront of pushing forward the boundaries of car making. Bearing that in mind it is no surprise that they have just released details that’s they will be investing a whopping $100 million in state of the art robotic technology to help with one of the motor industries greatest quality factors.

‘Wind noise’ may not be what you would consider to be one of the biggest challenges that face motor manufacturers, but Ford have announced they will be employing the latest technology available to ensure they get the closest fit and best finish possible.

The new $100 million equipment will be used in several of the motor companies’ plants around the world including their Michigan plant, their “Saarlouis” plant in Germany and Chicago Assembly Plant.

The robots are designed to inspect and find any possible signs that the cars body may not be as precise as expected in regards to its original specs. They will mechanically move down the manufacturing line and scan each newly assembled car and in particular the joint between the doors and the chassis.

It is said that the robots provide a level of precision not seen before especially within the motoring industry. A pilot trial of the robotic technology is being carried out currently in Fords German manufacturing plant in Saarlouis.

Already Ford have a large amount of technology developed within their manufacturing plants that help with countering and pinpointing causes of wind noise including air leakage tests and vibration and harshness chambers.

To experience just how wonderfully advanced a Ford car is, why not visit your local Ford Dealership and test drive one of their new Ford cars on display.

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