The Ford Fiesta 2012 the Newest Virtual Drive

Have you ever heard of the computer game ‘The Sims’? If not then where have you been! The game has been heralded as the most popular life simulation game of all time and has a huge fan base around the world. Since its creation in 2000 it has sold well over 6.5 million copies and in its year of release held the title of best selling PC game ever.

There are countless downloads and expansion packs that players can download online and now for the second time Ford have released their own digital download. Motor enthusiasts can now have the chance to give their in-game characters the wonderful Ford Focus 2012 to drive around their digital roads in this fabulous automobile.

Already a favourite at your local Ford Dealer the Ford Focus is set to take ‘The Sims’ by storm by causing motoring envy to your virtual and artificial intelligent neighbours! A recent poll by the games publishers has shown that 28% of players already drive a Ford car in real life, so of course why not drive the same in game!

The Ford expansion pack is the companies’ second venture into providing vanity items for ‘The Sims’, in 2010 the Ford Fusion, Edge and mustang were officered as free downloads. The Ford Focus 2012 is available as part of the ‘Neon Nights’ package which also includes a virtual t-shirt, top of the range stereo and even some neon lights.

For those seeking a non virtual Ford car why not head down to your local Ford Dealership and find out what they have to offer. It may well cost a lot more to buy but a dealer such as New Cars Chard can help you find a great deal to suit you.

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