Bentley Continental Supersports World Speed Record Breaking in 2011

Juha Kankkunen and the Bentley Contenental Supersports New World Record 2011

Juha Kankkunen and the Bentley Contenental Supersports New World Record 2011

A world speed record has been broken recently this year, though not in some jet powered super car, but in a much more refined, elegant mode of transport, a “Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible”. The perfect way to break a world land speed record, in style, in comfort, whilst keeping your composure.

This was a very different land speed record attempt that was not on tarmac or Utah salt flats, but on the frozen waters of the “Bay of Bothnia”. Situated in the Baltic Sea and just off the coast of Finland the car battled against temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius. This was no mean feat in itself so it would take a very special driver, and the chosen driver was the 4 time World Champion Rally Driver “Juha Kankkunen”.

Kankkunen who is a Finnish native was the perfect choice not only because of his geographical roots but because he was returning to attempt to break his own world record previously set back in 2007. This time round Kankkunen shattered his previous record by setting an amazing new world record of “205.48 mph” for driving on ice. The record breaking Bentley Supersports featured a fully welded heavy-duty roll cage, Pirelli winter tyres and a rear-bumper mounted parachute in case of emergency and for extra breaking ability.

So whether you plan to drive during the winter, summer, spring or autumn, you know you are going to arrive at you destination in style and in a record breaking car when you drive a Bentley. Why not pop into your local Bentley Dealers or the Bentley Dealership in Surrey to see if you are tempted with any of their special luxury cars.

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