Classic Mercedes Ponton Cabriolet at Auction

There’s a great opportunity for Mercedes fans as a fantastic1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Ponton Cabriolet heads to auction this July 19th.

It’s something that you wouldn’t normally see at your local Mercedes Dealer, this fantastic original shows of the fantastic archetypal ‘Ponton styling’ that makes this car such a classic.

The car gets is name from the German name for pontoons, which according to historical sources was that trend in Germany of adding armoured panels along the sides of their tanks during wartime. This practice transferred itself into the world of cars via the integration of the front fenders into the full-length bodywork.

This classic is one of one 17 right-hand drive models that were created in the range and so something of a rarity. The soft topped, six cylinder, Ponton is everything you would expect from a car of its era with its slab like sides and oversized appearance, brilliantly set of by its style and luxury and thus making it a highly sought after Grand Tourer.

The 220SE is a boosted fuel injection version of the original 220S 2.2 litre. The changes increased its maximum power from 106 to 115bhp while keeping the top speed of 100mph, this obviously lead to a significant increase in acceleration.

The Ponton on sale features a striking black with contrasting blue hood colour scheme with its original maroon leather interior and is a great buy for any enthusiast, it may require a little work but any classic car dealers will be able to help with advice.

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