Enjoy Cannes in a Transit Van

The Cannes International film festival is by far one of the most extravagant and important events in the film industry’s diary each year. Each year the French resort of Cannes becomes alive with glitzy celebrities, film premieres and an awards ceremony to top all awards ceremonies.

The event which takes place every May showcases everything that the film industry has to offer, awards range from best canine actor to the Palme d’Or (“Golden Palm”) which is the most esteemed award presented during the festival.

Should you not be invited to dine with Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts or Keira Knightley then fear not, you can have a taste of Cannes in Cannes, just not a very exclusive or luxurious one!

Each year amongst the Porsches and designer dressed entourage you will find an extremely unique makeshift venue set up at various outside locations showing premieres and other film gems.

‘Cannes in a van’ is the brainchild of the English director Andy Greenhouse, each year since 2007 Andy and a small team of helpers and friends travel to the French film festival with the intention of showcasing some of the countries latest and most interesting independent films.

The ‘premieres’ take place around the resort town of Cannes, the difference being that the ‘Cannes in a van’ offerings are shown from the back of a Yellow Ford Transit Van. With makeshift seats provided and Astroturf laid out, film goers can relax and enjoy an outdoor viewing of their choice for just a few Euros. To add to the glamour and glitz, Andy and his team dress in Black tie and even offer a service where you can have your own film premiered for a tiny cost.

Who knows, we may well be seeing a future endeavour incorporating the Ford Transit Connect; ‘Cannes in a smaller van!’

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