Land Rover… The Greatest Car of All Time…?

The Land Rover is an iconic vehicle that captures the essence of the best 4×4 and has been the vehicle that many other manufacturers would like to be measured against or compared to, but in reality there is only “One” Land Rover.

It has always been national symbol and emblem of Great Britain and a benchmark for a tough, well constructed, work and play vehicle that is as happy as it is off-road. Since its original launch in 1948 by the then Rover Car Company, it has always been a popular vehicle, and can be found in nearly every country on the planet. There have been many special models built over the years; the most recently notable model was the special edition “Lara Croft” land Rover from the film and console game.

So why not pop into your local specialist Land Rover Dealer in Surrey and see if there is a Land Rover out there for you, or contact the Land Rover Dealership to see if you a tempted by one of the models in the luxury Range Rover range.

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