The end for Ford CD players?

One of life’s little luxuries is being able to listen to your own music in your car as loud as you want to. First we had just the radio, then it was tape, followed by compact disc and now we are seeing advancements such as MP3 and Bluetooth.

Bearing in mind the advancements and also the growing trend in ‘music on the go’ helped by the likes of Smartphone’s and MP3 players, CD’s are becoming a less and less popular choice of in-car entertainment. The Ford Motor Group have always considered themselves to be pioneers in not only automobile technology, but also popular culture and trending. So, in a move that many people have commented has come far too soon the motoring giants have announced they will begin phasing out Compact Disc players in many of their upcoming new models.

Already the first step has been taken by Ford with the release of their new range of Focus models; people purchasing one of these models will find that no longer does the vehicle come equipped with the once popular multi disc CD changer that was equipped as standard but in its place, a media centre known as ‘Sync’ system that features a range of USB and Bluetooth connections for the driver to utilise.

This move comes as figures show a dramatic drop in Compact Disc sales over recent years; some even showing a 35% drop over 4 years and an even larger increase in digital sales. So why not head to your local Ford Dealers and take a look at what they have to offer when it comes to New Ford Cars for Sale.

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