The Ford Vans Drive to Fitness

A very interesting project is being undertaken and promoted by the Ford Motor Company in Ireland. The ‘Drive to Fitness’ campaign has been introduced to encourage people who use their vehicles for work regularly to change not only their eating habits but also get tips on exercising. The main two groups of people who are being targeted by the project are commercial van drivers and company car drivers. Ford have teamed up with the award winning nutritional therapist ‘Elsa Jones’ who has selected some great pointers not only on food and nutrition but also exercise.

Many drivers try to keep themselves alert by consuming large amounts of caffeine and sugary snacks, the effects of this being irregular blood sugar levels, which can lead to slumps in energy levels, sleepiness and even concentration loss. All of which you certainly don’t want to be getting during each working day.

A leaflet provided by Ford gives commercial vehicle owners such as Transit Van drivers many recommendations about what types of foods to eat. Split into specific meal types and snack suggestions it is bound to be a great help to many. Here are just some brief basic tips to help you eat more healthily taken from the campaign.


Slow release carbohydrates are by far the best choice, items such as Porridge, muesli and eggs are recommended to help keep energy levels stable.


If you are deciding upon getting a sandwich, making sure that it is a healthy option such as bread type and contains salad can improve your energy levels.

Even though this campaign has at present only been released within Ireland but we can be sure that Transit Van and Ford Transit Connect drivers within the UK will be seeing similar health awareness campaigns regarding commercial van drivers in the near future.

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