The New Low-Fat Bentley Continental Supersports

Its good to see that despite the economic downturn that everyone is mumbling about, the United Kingdom is still holding its own in the luxury car market, with the Bentley Motor Company bucking the trend as many other car manufacturers are tightening their belt.

Bentley have redesigned and modified the “Continental” model in race trim for the new GT “Supersports”, put the car on a weight-loss program reducing it down by 110kg and beefed up the suspension and the all-wheel drive transmission is set to 60:40 front to rear, giving more traction to the rear wheels. The engine is boosted by 20bhp to 621bhp which makes for an earth shattering 0-60mph to a mere 3.7 seconds, for a car that weigh’s 2.24 tonnes, that’s amazing!

So if you are looking for that special car or maybe your next Bentley, why not pop into your local Bentley Dealers in Surrey, or a Pre owned Porsche for your next luxury or specialist supercar.

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