A New Topless Land Rover on the Horizon

British Automotive giants Land Rover caused quite a stir at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show this year when unveiling a concept of its new DC100 concept.

The replacement to the iconic defender was one of the expected sights of the show, but the manufacturer surprised the crowds by showcasing a trimmed down, roofless version. The Sport version gets a new petrol engine, unlike the four cylinder diesel found the regular, as well as an 8 speed stop/ start engine; clearly placed with eco thoughts in mind. DC100. The sport also has unique solar panels on the roof to power the onboard systems, taking another page out from the environmentally friendly manual.

The Driving experience has been propelled into the future as well with the help of Terrain response. The aid works with cameras scanning the road ahead, identifying and then adapting the drive setup to cope with the type of terrain you’re faced with, displaying it in 3D on the screen of the all new centre console.

Despite its fancy Californian boulevard styling, the DC100 Sport still retains a rugged side; coming complete with a winch, towing eyes on each corner and a completely water resistant silicon finish on the multimedia touch screen centre console, containing a camera, satellite navigation and even an onboard hard drive to capture your best moments during an exciting off road trip.

It also had a bit of a revamp on the inside, with the seats trimmed with luxury leather and a unique wireless charging strip running through the whole interior. The car is currently only concept, but still acts as a window of innovation the company will be working towards in the future. So why not pop into your Land Rover Dealer or have a look and see what’s new at your local Land Rover Dealership Surrey.