Coming soon, the Ford Evos

Ford Cars

The Ford motor company have just released information regarding a new car that they will be releasing in the near future that will be equipped with the most advanced telematic system available. The news that the Ford Evos will be scheduled for European launch in 2012 was announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin and has made it one of the most highly anticipated automobile technology releases in recent years.

The Evos will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show on the 15th of September and is expected to introduce even more potential owners and users to the sync connectivity system which allows a great deal of customisable and personalisation. The Vehicle is designed to be continually connected to the cloud software system, meaning that the driver’s preferences are constantly monitored; when the information is processed it can be used to adjust settings and preferences to help towards creating a much more enjoyable and personalised experience.

Even though the vehicle is still in its early stages Ford have some great plans for it, in fact the motor giant is hoping that in the future the car will be able to operate many of its controls independently.

For personal use the car will be able to become a home from home, with the vehicles software constantly studying your behaviour such as your in-car preferences, musical taste and even shopping habits could be catered for to shape your travelling environment. With regards to business use the cloud software could help shape your working day by taking into account your appointments and itinerary to help plan routes, utilising everything from up to the date traffic reports and weather forecasts.

So bearing all of that in mind you should be heading to your local Ford Dealers who can offer you a great deal in New Ford Cars.