Ford to create the best in car experience

Ford to create the best in car experience

Modern technology is constantly changing with new advances happening each and every day. This of course runs very true for motoring manufacturers too, who are under immense pressure to keep ahead within a very competitive industry.

The Ford Motor Group have never been ones to hold themselves back and are one of the most important providers of automobiles in the world. They invest a great deal in advancing their technology both under the bonnet and within the interior.

Determined in some respects to ‘transform’ the experience of driving a car, Ford are not only encompassing the work of their own engineers and developers to work upon advancing boundaries in interior and exterior car design but that of many other companies and sectors from around the world. In the past some collaborators of the Ford Motor Company have been Gracenote, Microsoft and Sony to name but a few. All of which have helped develop certain features to improve the modern Ford driving experience with features such as voice recognition software, in car entertainment and much more.

Using an example of one of the current projects that Ford are undertaking and developing; the in-car infotainment ‘SYNC’ system, we can see just how the individual companies work together to develop and produce Ford’s uniquely upgradeable system.

Gracenote collaborated with Ford to further the connection between digital music players and the car’s systems. Another company that have in the past worked in alignment with Ford is Microsoft, with developers working towards a software platform to power the SYNC system and allow it to be both upgradable and co-operative with external developers.

So, if you are looking to invest in a new car that is manufactured by one of the most advanced and expanding companies then visit your local Ford Dealers and browse their great selection of New Ford Cars.

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