Fords gives sneak peak of Focus ST Online

Fords gives sneak peak of Focus ST Online

The Ford motor company are continually developing new cars with the most up to date security and are renowned for their advanced accessories for their many vehicles. With such a foothold in the motoring technology sector the company of course uses the internet in many ways to market their products and keep customers up to date on their latest releases.

As I am sure you will know, Ford enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath regarding the companies Focus ST that’s soon to be released. Fans of the Upcoming Ford model will be able to check on the progress of the Focus ST in its final development cycle by using the company’s Face book page.

The car which is scheduled for release next year will be featured periodically on its page as Ford will be adding videos, pictures and articles about the technologies and performance factors regarding the ST. Not only will avid fans be able to catch glimpses of the vehicle in action but also commentary from developers and other key people involved in its evolution.

Already many photos and videos have been posted and uploaded to Ford’s Face book page and more are expected right up until 2012 when it’s released. There are plans to release videos of the car in action on testing grounds including Lommel in Belgium, Nürburgring in Germany and other tracks around the world including the United Kingdom and Spain.

This is just one of the many social media ventures that Ford have used in recent years, others include the base model Focus and the New Ford Fiesta. If you are looking for a new Ford car why not visit your local Ford Dealers and take a look at their New Ford cars. The benefits being that you won’t have to visit Facebook or have to wait another year to get your ideal car!

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