New Ford Transit Sport Van Design

Ford Transit Sport

Ford UK has been following on in its efforts to continually improve and make the Ford Transit van even more appealing to potential buyers. The Motor Group have just released another special edition version of the van the SportVan Moondust.

The Moondust is based upon the 260, short wheel based Transit Model and the engine consists of a 140ps2.2 litreTDCi Engine along with a six speed gearbox. One of the Moondusts most apparent features is its paint job, in fact the exterior has had a great many facelifts and gadgets added which really do make the Transit so much cooler. Along with its silver paintwork the Moondust comes with aLe Mansstyle bonnet, twin exhaust, low profile tyres and 18inch coloured wheels.

Not only has the exterior been enhanced, the interior has seen plenty of upgrades and limited edition features too. Velour trim now lines the passenger cab along with a Sony CD/DAB radio system with steering column controls to keep drivers entertained to the max. Some of the other features to note include cruise control, fully powered windows, heated mirrors and even a perimeter alarm. As you can imagine with a Ford vehicle of this standard safety features are in abundance, you can expect ABS, ESP and both driver and passenger airbags to come as standard.

The SportVan Moondust has been released in only a limited number, 180 units have been rolled out of the assembly lines and given the full limited edition treatment. Priced at just over £23,000 you may well find the sporty Transit model at your local Ford Commercial dealer along with it’s slightly less luxurious and personalised siblings the Ford Transit Connect and Ford Transit Sport.

Photo Credit: Flickr user chuckoutrearseats