Roximity; Fords In-car application Competition winner

Fords In-car application Competition winner

Ford has recently held a competition for application developers to come up with new and intriguing in-car applications to be used in conjunction with their Ford SYNC® system. The event was held at the ‘TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon’ inSan Franciscowhere many of the worlds top software developers meet each year to discuss and showcase their skills and work.

The winner of the very first Ford developer challenge was announced as being the ‘Roximity’ application, created by Danny Newman, Joe Mease and Austin Gayer all co-founders of a development company based inDenver.

The ‘Roximity’ application works by integrating with the Ford in-car “Telematic System” called ‘SYNC’, which provides deals and special offers in real-time depending upon the vehicles location.  Even though the app is currently in a development stage and is only a prototype it is now being considered for integration within the SYNC system in the near future.

The ingenious application means that drivers could easily find deals on a wide range of special offers such as food & Drink, holiday attractions and even parking deals.  Results can easily be filtered to suit the individuals preferences and leisure interests meaning a much more personalised experience, which is of course something that Ford are looking to give with all of their applications and telematics technologies.

By winning the competition the group of developers not only get to become official SYNC application developers, but also get a chance to showcase their designs & prototypes as part of Ford’s presence at next years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

These types of applications are something that you well be seeing at your local Ford dealerships when shopping for New Ford Cars.