Television Vans and Cars Hit the Streets

Television Vans and cars hit the streets

Should you be driving around your area in the upcoming months keep your eyes peeled for some very interesting vans, amongst the many commercial vans on the road such as the Ford Transit you may well find the A-Team van or Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine behind you.

The vans are part of a promotion by Virgin Media who are advertising their new TiVo set top box service. The plan is that if you sign up to the service you may get your set top box delivered and set up by an engineer driving one of the custom designed vehicles.

The types of van were chosen by means of a survey on over 1000 customers of the Virgin media group, some of the vehicles voted by the participants include the Dodge Charger from the Dukes of Hazard TV series, the instantly recognisable black and red ‘A’ Team van and even Scooby Doo’s mystery machine.

The above designs plus many more will be added to Virgin Medias fleet over the next few months and are bound to be featured on adverts promoting the television recording system.

The ‘Supervans’ are not the only themed part of the promotion; engineers are also being encouraged to dress up like the virtual drivers or occupants of the vans. So not only could you see The ‘A’ Team van pull up outside your house, you could have Mr T installing your top box too!

So, as mentioned, if you are driving home and see a famous looking television themed car parked outside your neighbour’s house, don’t immediately think that they have Daisy Duke or Murdoch inside enjoying a cup of tea and consider the promotion. If you are looking for a slightly less inconspicuous van why not check out Ford Commercial vans for a great choice.

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