The Ferrari 458 Italia and its Latest Award

Ferrari has always been at the pinnacle of sports car excellence and represented the top end of motor sport world.

The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, and then called “Scuderia Ferrari”. At that time the company manufactured race cars, by the late forties it was decided time to move into the production of street-legal cars, so “Ferrari S.p.A” was formed in 1947.

Formula 1 has seen the Ferrari Scuderia Team compete continuously since its inception in 1950, which makes Ferrari the only team to be competing today with this pedigree.

So its no surprise that the “Ferrari 458 Italia” sports car has just received the coveted accolade of “Performance Car of the Year 2011” from one of the UK’s largest motoring magazines Auto Express.

For many within the industry, this is come as no surprise, as for a large percentage of motoring journalists and sports car industry specialists believe the Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest benchmark in sporting automotives. Coupled with the fact the 458 Italia has received more awards to date than any of its rivals, its easy to see why this car has so much popularity.

The Ferrari 458 Italia has collected a raft of awards from around Europe, across the Atlantic to the USA and as far east as China, which is now the second biggest market for Ferrari sports cars.

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