Another Big Award for The Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia seems to be adding to Ferrari’s already bulging awards cabinet, with the recent announcement of the 458 Italia winning the coveted “Performance Car of the Year 2011” award.

This award was presented to Ferrari by the UK’s biggest car magazine, Auto Express. This is one of the most widely respected titles in the UK and it would seem that the general consensus from the Motoring Industry’s journalists and motoring specialists.

For many people in the prestigious sports car industry, the Ferrari 458 Italia is a real benchmark by which most other sports cars are measured against and with this latest award, it will mean the yard stick has just got raised again for many of Ferrari’s competitors.

The 458 Italia fought it out with 20 other shortlisted performance cars where it finally emerged as the clear and outright winner in for overall performance and handling, which were rigorously tested on both road and on the track

With this recent accolade it will mean that Ferrari 458 Italia has now received the highest number the industry’s leading international awards ever, against any of its rivals.

Even as far a field as the Far East, both Ferrari and the 458 Italia’s reputation is receiving much critical acclaim and awards from the Chinese Automobile Industry. Which is very positive for Ferrari as China is now Ferrari’s second largest sales market globally. Other awards for the 458 Italia include; BBC Top Gear’s “Car of the Year” and “Supercar of the Year”, with similar awards coming from countries around the world.

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