Best Ways to Save on Van Fuel

Best ways to save on van fuel

If you drive for a living you will of course know that fuel costs are amongst the largest bills that your business will often encounter throughout the year. Ensuring that you are able to get the most out of each gallon of diesel will help towards lowering your operating costs and increasing your profits.

Firstly, fuel prices can differ from supplier to supplier meaning that should you shop around you will find somewhere you can make the best saving. There are even some websites that offer a service of providing you with the cheapest available prices in your area.

Your van’s physical condition can also alter your fuel economy; it is thought that, by having under-inflated tyres, you could be losing up to 3% fuel efficiency. With over 50% of theUK’s tyres thought to be under inflated it is a very large amount of fuel that could be saved by just a simple regular check.

Many businesses rely on their vans to carry around large amounts of tools and equipment; by ensuring that you do not carry around excess weight such as unnecessary items when not needed, you will start to see a difference in fuel consumption and unnecessary petrol spending.

Putting a strain on our van batteries we can also use up more fuel then we need, the Automobile Association has said in the past that using heated windows when not entirely necessary can increase fuel consumption by over 6%.

So, even if you buy a brand new Ford Transit, you can still follow the above simple steps to make sure you save money from the word go on your Ford Commercial van


Image Credit: mariordo59 (Flickr)