New SUV Model Planned by Bentley

It was announced recently by the new CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, that Bentley is preparing to produce a 4×4 SUV model, which Bentley is aiming to launch sometime in 2014. The confirmation has allayed months of recent speculation in the motoring industry.

Bentley which is owned by The Volkswagen Group, are planning to use some its parent company’s technology architecture, by utilizing the chassis from the new generation  Porsche Cayenne / VW Touareg  / Audi Q7 4×4 SUV’s, which already share technologies around the range.

The new über-luxury SUV will come with a price tag in the region of £150,000 from the Bentley luxury car marque, which will put this SUV firmly in the upper echelons of the SUV stratosphere.

This move into the SUV market is an obvious choice for the Crewe based Bentley Motor Company, which is aiming to secure its market sector and capitalise the continued growth it’s seeing in emerging luxury car markets. As the company is seeing rising car sales in most of the new and emerging luxury car markets, such as; India, China Indonesia, the UEA (United Arab Emirates) and the traditional luxury market within the USA.

Bentley is planning to use the recently developed Audi V12 TDi diesel engine, which will have a huge supply of power and torque to the new ultra-SUV’s 4×4 drive-train. The diesel engine power option will obviously be a better option for economy and offer better greener credentials than some of its competitors.

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