Porsche Increase Their Eco-Hybrid Models

The luxury German sports car company Porsche has always moved with the times and reacted to market forces, but in this current climate it is now reacting to environmental issues faced by the automotive industry worldwide.

Porsche has now increased its range of petrol-electric “Hybrid” cars which now encompass the Panamera Saloon and Cayenne SUV ranges. Which means it makes both these models the cleanest and greenest cars in the Porsche stable currently.

The Porsche Panamera Hybrid a recent addition to the Porsche range is the company’s luxury saloon, which has been given wide approval and acceptance by the automotive industry journalists and its critics worldwide, including the Porsche buying public.

Whereas the Cayenne is Porsche’s well established 4×4 SUV, now in its third generation has also received the Hybrid technology treatment, making both vehicles a very popular choice for an environmentally conscious luxury car buying public.

The Hybrid option will know doubt prove to be a popular choice for eco-aware city driving luxury car drivers, who are looking to reduce their carbon emissions and carbon footprint. But in financial terms the benefits do not stop there, as like London and other cities around the world that are starting to implement controlled congestion charged zones, will see Hybrid cars like these gain free city access.

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