Bentley Cars To Offer Diesel Engine Option

The highly esteemed luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motor Company has recently announced it will be offering diesel engines for some of its models in their range for the first time ever.

Bentley is said to be planning to use the both economical and powerful V8 TDi and V12 TDi diesel engines. These diesel engines are already being used within the VW and Audi range and have proved popular in many of the car markets around the world.

It has not been confirmed exactly which models will be offered with a diesel engine option, although Bentley have said they will be offering a Diesel engine option in there new 4×4 SUV, which is aimed for production during 2014.

The new SUV planned by Bentley is a much talked about vehicle, expected to share chassis design and technology with the eagerly awaited new Audi Q7 SUV. As Bentley sees there is a gap in the expensive ultra luxury SUV market for vehicle that encompasses the needs of buyers looking in the upper echelons of the SUV market.

Diesel powered Bentley vehicles are sure to be a hit in emerging economies like India, China, Qatar and Brazil, which are enjoying good economic growth. Likewise, the diesel option Bentleys will be well received in the USA and across Europe where fuel prices are creeping up and buyers wanting extra luxury whilst driving a luxurious greener car.

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