Land Rover Defender a Modern Classic SUV

The Land Rover Defender has always had a cult following, where you’re a purest off-roader, need your trusty Land Rover to get you from A – B via both a range of off-road terrain and mind numbing motorways, or alternatively its never going go off road in its life apart from when you park it on a grass verge outside the school. This is a vehicle for many uses and many capabilities. Another group of people that love these trusty off-road SUV’s is anyone involved in the equine world or has a horse or two and needs a capable vehicle for towing. Well again the Land Rover is just the vehicle for the job, as the classic Defender model has four-wheeled drive as standard and ‘differential lock’ (which locks both hubs on a particular axle.

With these features it makes this vehicle perfect for anyone who is likely to want to drive across different or difficult terrains, especially if you plan to tow a trailer or a horse box.

The Land Rover was born in 1948 and over the years evolved into many different guises, but ultimately it has retained the classic Land Rover attributes and features that make it loved the world over.

So to find out more about this ‘go anywhere SUV’ visit your local Land Rover Dealership in Surrey, who can also offer you a Classic Car Restoration if you have an old Land Rover that is in need of some careful restoration to make it look new again.