2012 Sees The New Bentley Continental GT V8 Debut

Bentley Continental GT V8

The New Bentley Continental GT V8

2012 is a big year for Bentley, as it is celebrating an enviable positive increase in car sales worldwide from last year, and the Crewe based über-luxury car company have also just launched the eagerly awaited Bentley Continental GT V8 to the crowds at this months’ Detroit Motor Show in the USA. Continue reading

Bentley Cars To Offer Diesel Engine Option

The highly esteemed luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motor Company has recently announced it will be offering diesel engines for some of its models in their range for the first time ever.

Bentley is said to be planning to use the both economical and powerful V8 TDi and V12 TDi diesel engines. These diesel engines are already being used within the VW and Audi range and have proved popular in many of the car markets around the world. Continue reading

New SUV Model Planned by Bentley

It was announced recently by the new CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, that Bentley is preparing to produce a 4×4 SUV model, which Bentley is aiming to launch sometime in 2014. The confirmation has allayed months of recent speculation in the motoring industry.

Bentley which is owned by The Volkswagen Group, are planning to use some its parent company’s technology architecture, by utilizing the chassis from the new generation  Porsche Cayenne / VW Touareg  / Audi Q7 4×4 SUV’s, which already share technologies around the range. Continue reading

The New Bentley Continental GT is Launched

Bentley motor cars have always been held in high esteem from the company’s proven historic pedigree in motor racing as far back as the 1920’s, when the then Bentley racing team won the famous 24 hour Le Mans race in France, not once but five times during a ten year period.

The Bentley race cars didn’t just win, they dominated the world renowned Le Mans race circuit by winning consecutively from 1927 – 1930. Their main rival in that era was from “Ettore Bugatti” and his team, but back then the Bugatti cars often suffered from reliability issues, where as the Bentley cars were renowned for their bulletproof reliability. Continue reading

The New Low-Fat Bentley Continental Supersports

Its good to see that despite the economic downturn that everyone is mumbling about, the United Kingdom is still holding its own in the luxury car market, with the Bentley Motor Company bucking the trend as many other car manufacturers are tightening their belt.

Bentley have redesigned and modified the “Continental” model in race trim for the new GT “Supersports”, put the car on a weight-loss program reducing it down by 110kg and beefed up the suspension and the all-wheel drive transmission is set to 60:40 front to rear, giving more traction to the rear wheels. The engine is boosted by 20bhp to 621bhp which makes for an earth shattering 0-60mph to a mere 3.7 seconds, for a car that weigh’s 2.24 tonnes, that’s amazing!

So if you are looking for that special car or maybe your next Bentley, why not pop into your local Bentley Dealers in Surrey, or a Pre owned Porsche for your next luxury or specialist supercar.

Bentley Continental Supersports World Speed Record Breaking in 2011

Juha Kankkunen and the Bentley Contenental Supersports New World Record 2011

Juha Kankkunen and the Bentley Contenental Supersports New World Record 2011

A world speed record has been broken recently this year, though not in some jet powered super car, but in a much more refined, elegant mode of transport, a “Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible”. The perfect way to break a world land speed record, in style, in comfort, whilst keeping your composure.

This was a very different land speed record attempt that was not on tarmac or Utah salt flats, but on the frozen waters of the “Bay of Bothnia”. Situated in the Baltic Sea and just off the coast of Finland the car battled against temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius. This was no mean feat in itself so it would take a very special driver, and the chosen driver was the 4 time World Champion Rally Driver “Juha Kankkunen”.

Kankkunen who is a Finnish native was the perfect choice not only because of his geographical roots but because he was returning to attempt to break his own world record previously set back in 2007. This time round Kankkunen shattered his previous record by setting an amazing new world record of “205.48 mph” for driving on ice. The record breaking Bentley Supersports featured a fully welded heavy-duty roll cage, Pirelli winter tyres and a rear-bumper mounted parachute in case of emergency and for extra breaking ability.

So whether you plan to drive during the winter, summer, spring or autumn, you know you are going to arrive at you destination in style and in a record breaking car when you drive a Bentley. Why not pop into your local Bentley Dealers or the Bentley Dealership in Surrey to see if you are tempted with any of their special luxury cars.

Beaulieu Supercar Start-Up in August

Bentley Continental Supersport in white

"Bentley Continental Supersport in white"

The thing with the motor car is that there are car enthusiasts for all types and makes of motor vehicle and you can be sure that there is a club or a car show that caters for your vehicle. This summer at Beaulieu in Hampshire sees the forthcoming “Supercar Start-Up” on the 29th August. Beaulieu is synonymous with motoring and its history because of its world famous “National Motor Museum” and is the venue for many events throughout the year.

The Supercar Start-Up is aimed at not just company and works vehicles, but takes on a new format where entrants are encouraged and invited from private owners and collectors, in the hope of attracting some special and rare cars.

This year’s show is also showcasing the “Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain” which will be out in force to show off their cars for all visitors to see. On show will be some rare and special cars like the McLaren MP4, Nissan GTR and the “Ford Supervan 3”, which may not sound much like a supercar, however it was specially designed and built by the Ford Motor Company in1984, powered by a mid-mounted Ford-Cosworth 650bhp ‘HB’ F1 engine is capable of 150mph.

The event organisers are particularly interested to hear from and have in attendance owners of; Bugatti Veyron, Caterham 7, Koenigsegg, Pagani Zonda, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Gallardo or Contach, Porsche Carrera GT or 356, McLaren Mercedes SLR, Jaguar XJ220 and particular Bentley models to name just a few.

So whether you plan to visit the Beaulieu Supercar Start-Up or not, you could always pop into your local Bentley Dealer or the Aston Martin Dealer Surrey to see if you are tempted with any of their special super cars.

A New Take on the Bentley Continental GT

If you’re looking for a new take on the old Bentley Continental GT then you’re in luck, the recently launched “Mulliner Styling Specification’s Classic Pack” may be just the thing you’re looking for from your local Bentley Dealership.

The new exterior design for the back is crisp and ultra-sharp, with beautifully styled new front splitter, side extension blades, a new rear diffuser (more on this to follow) and sleek integrated strakes on the front intake grilles, all set off in modern smooth, high-gloss, coal black carbon fibre. The traditional Bentley ‘B’ makes and appearance too, with a “winged B” attached to the smooth side extension blades. It’s also worth mentioning that the GT’s fantastic trademark twin elliptical tailpipes a brilliantly set them off, but the new rear diffuser which has a real sense of definition and good design.

Next up are all the options available with the package, 21 inch alloy wheels with seven sleek spokes painted black offset by black carbon-fibre bezels and featuring dark mesh front wing vents. In addition to those fantastic wheels there’s also a smooth dark black carbon fibre rear spoiler, and wing mirror cowls available.

This great new package was designed by Bentley’s head of exterior design, Raul Pires, who is understandably proud of this fantastic piece of design. To honour this and in keeping with Bentley’s quality commitment, all the new sections have had the full range of testing at the Crewe factory in north-west England, by the great technicians there, to make sure they handle as well as the rest of the car.

So, if this sounds like an offer too good to refuse then why not head down to your local Bentley Dealer today.

The Continental ISR

Bentley ISR

For those who follow these things you may have heard that back in February the one of the worlds best rally drivers Juha Kankkunen broke the world speed record on ice, also know as the ice speed record (ICR). The record was set in a specially modified Bentley Continental Super-sports convertible, which managed an average ‘two-pass’ speed of 205.48mph.

And now for the big news, Bentley is marking this fantastic achievement by releasing a limited edition of the car of which 100 will be made. The Continental ISR is a divergence from the usual Bentley style with a more radical design. It’ll be available in three different colours Quartzite, Beluga and the most striking of the three Artica White and will be fitted out with the usual interior comfort with beautifully done leatherwork. All the models feature a striking red carbon fibre trim to mark them out as ISR models and dark grey soft tops.

Engine wise you’re looking at 630bhp from its W12 twin turbo engine leading to acceleration to 60mph of 3.8 second. This extra power over the normal versions comes with the latest improvements in the exhaust, air intakes and the intercooler. Fuel wise it’ll run on either your regular unleaded petrol or the reduced emission E85 bio-ethanol.

So if this sounds like it could take for fancy then why not pop down to your local Bentley Dealer or Bentley Specialist to find out more, as it’s a great chance to pick up a fantastic limited edition.

Top Gear Review Bentley Continental Supersports

Hopefully, you’ve seen our post about Bentley’s World Ice Speed triumph and the memorabilia that has been made available because of it. Well, now thanks to Top Gear you can get a taste of how the car itself drives.

Whilst this might make you want to rush down to a Bentley dealership and put down an order, the £163,000 price tag means that for most of us this review will be the closest we get to actually driving the thing.

Still, for the moment you can enjoy the ridiculous Top Gear review introduction and then listen to seven minutes of Jeremy Clarkson droning on as his tonation rises hypnotically up and down, lulling you into a state of brainless activity.

And, just to nip a particular question in the bud (one that has been cropping up repeatedly in discussions of this review), the song used at the end is ‘Dulcet Zone’ by Inky Blackness.