Classic Cars Are Proving To Be A Good Investment

With the current economic situation and people loosing trust in bankers, it’s no surprise to find people investing in precious metal, not jewellery but classic cars.

Classic cars are showing they are a sound investment as certain makes and models have been fetching astonishing prices, throwing collectors into fierce bidding wars to add desired favourites to add to their collections. Continue reading

Some Royally Different Weddings

Unless you have been living on Mars for the past year you will have heard about the royal wedding that is taking place on Friday the 29th of April this year. Even though most royal ceremonies rely on traditional means and all of the pomp and circumstance that comes with it, cars will still play a major part in transporting the happy couple and their guests to the church on time.

Rolls Royce’s will be used on the day to drive the royal couple to the church and then the procession through London afterwards. Of course this is a very extravagant way of travelling and many couples can make their wedding day their own by not having to spend such a large quantity of money. Here is just a few of the wonderful wedding vehicle ideas that couples have used in the past, enjoy!

A fire engine certainly isn’t the usual way to get to a wedding but a couple in the UK decided upon using the 1976 Dennis F131 to start their journey towards their marital celebrations. The fire engine was also featured in the ITV television series London’s burning.

What could be more tranquil then a classic limousine or even a stagecoach to get you to your wedding? Well certainly not an armoured personnel carrier that has served in both Bosnia and the Gulf war. An English company hires out some of its many military vehicles for special occasions and the TankLimo has been used by several wedding couples in the past. The 432 APC is certainly capable of creating explosive atmosphere to any wedding day!

And even if these are still far too wacky for you then you can be assured that there are many New Ford Cars that can get you to the wedding on time (and a lot more discrete).

Introducing the Aston Martin Virage at the Salon Privé

It is time to start thinking about getting yourself tickets for the Salon Privé, the sixth edition of the event will be taking place this year on the 22nd to the 24th of July. The event which is regarded as London’s most exclusive motor showsaw last year’s event break its previous attendance records and sold out entirely over its three days.

The event is now in its six year and is one of the most important and influential luxury motoring events held in the country if not Europe. The Salon Privé is held within the grounds of Syon House which is the home of the Duke of Northumberland and is surrounded by almost 200 acres of lush grounds and gardens. The venue is ideally suited to the exhibition as even though it is less then 10 miles from central London it is extremely peaceful and serene.

This year one of the highlights of the car show will be the UK’s debut of the amazing new Aston Martin Virage GT Sports car. This is not the first time that Aston Martin has chosen to use the luxury car show as a launching pad for one of its new cars; back in 2009 the British Sports car company presented the “one-77” model to the general public for the first time. The model cost a staggering One Million Pounds and was very well received by visitors to the Salon Privé, since then many other luxury car manufacturers have chosen to follow suit and preview their own new models to the UK consumers at the show.

The Vehicle will soon be making its way to the many Aston Martin dealers around the country such as to Aston Martin Dealer Surrey.

The Ferrari Town

There is something strange going on in a Dutch town where row upon row of perfect houses with their manicured lawn all have something rather unusual in common. On the drive way of every house sits at least one, if not two, beautiful Ferrari’s.

This is not the result of some miraculous economic recovery or some mass syndicated lottery win rather this is what happens when a Ferrari owners club decide to rent out a holiday village for a get together.

In the video below you can see a walk through of a Ferraris lovers dream with an endless parade of Boxers, 430s, 599s, 575s, California Spiders and 308s parked in the drive way.

If the sight of all these Ferraris inspires you why not head down to a Ferrari dealer and maybe you could end up joining the owners club on their next outing.

Aston Martin One-77 Debuts in London

You may have seen our recent series of posts regarding the Aston Martin True Rapide videos. I say regarding, I mean mercilessly mocking.

Aston Martin haven’t abandoned their traditional adverts though. The short film may have been an interesting venture for them, but producing dramatic, brooding shots of cars streaking along deserted roads will always have its place in the marketing of classic cars.

There are also the road demos, also frequently mixed with dramatic music, and those can double as publicity events for their cars. Let people know you’re shooting a video in London and watch as they gather around on their lunch breaks, as can be seen in this shaky video:

This “London Debut” provides an opportunity to shoot the car driving in the sort of environment it could well end up in, as well as letting the people who could afford it, ie. those working in the centre of London, a chance to see it up close, even if their view is obscured by cameramen. Now all we’re waiting for is something that shows it in other locations around the country. Perhaps near an Aston Martin dealership Surrey?

Aston Martin, Luxury Cars and Advertising

Hopefully, you’ve kept up with our recent posts about Aston Martin’s attempts to get into the world of viral marketing. If you haven’t, you can catch up on them below, or visit this page on the Aston Martin website and watch all three parts together, as they were meant to be seen. After that, you can wince in recollection every time you drive past an Aston Martin Dealership.

The videos may have been bad, but they do raise some interesting questions about how manufacturers such as Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari and so on are use the internet to promote their cars. Whereas you can see banner adverts all over the place for offerings from more affordable manufacturers like Ford or Vauxhall, you don’t see Porsches chasing each other across the top of a web page in a garish flash advert.

Part of this is obviously because of the way these companies expect to do business. They can use top car shows like Top Gear to get their latest models shown to an interested audience, but past that they rely a lot on the image of their brand and the price of their models to draw in customers.

Product placements in Bond films are all well and good, but there are whole new realms of media that they can exploit with the rise of the internet. Except they haven’t. Apart from Aston Martin’s poor voyage into viral videos, the largest online presence these companies seem to have is their Facebook pages.

Will we see more attempts to create content like this, which furthers their image whilst also drawing more mass attention, or do the companies believe that doing so ruins the image of exclusivity? After all, walking into a Bentley Dealership and getting a glass of champagne when you buy a new car is very cool. Sitting at your computer reading a blog post about the latest Porsche’s performance simply isn’t.

100 years of Ford are almost here

As I am sure you already know Ford Motor Group is celebrating its 100th birthday this year (2011). The Motor Company is planning a whole year of events to coincide with its centenary including marketing campaigns, historic displays at many of the world’s top motoring shows and a large gala event that will take place within the first half of the year.

Other Ford highlights this year will include exhibitions at the national motor museum in Hampshire and the Heritage Motor centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. One of the nation’s largest historical car events, the Goodwood revival, will also have an increased Ford presence and will give Ford enthusiasts a great chance to see many of its legendary vehicles in action on the track.

Employing over 15,000 people within the UK the Ford motor company has lead the UK car industry for over 34 years and has lead the commercial market with its flagship van, the Transit, for over 45 years.

Back in 1911 the first British Ford factory was opened in a suburb in Manchester at a disused tram workshop. Here, teams of four people created the first examples of the wonderful workmanship that we are used to seeing to this very day on any vehicle bearing the Ford badge. By 1914 Ford had sold almost 10,000 cars which was equal to the entire amount made by the next six UK car manufacturers of the time.

With so many great activities planned this year is sure to be a great hit with customers and Ford Dealers alike and is sure to not only celebrate the last 100 years of the companies history but also welcome in another 100 years of motoring success. To coincide with its centenary Ford have released many New Ford Cars for Sale this year including the new Ford Focus.

Be James Bond for $5 million

Who amongst us hasn’t dreamt of being James Bond from time to time with the international jet setting, the death defying job, the women and of course the glorious cars? Well for just a cool $5 million you can be James Bond, or you can at least drive his most iconic car.

The famous Aston Martin DB5, described as the most famous car in the world, was driven by Sean Connery in both the films Goldfinger and Thunderball.  The car in the best Bond tradition comes complete with many of Q’s very best gadgets. The DB5 come complete with smoke screen (great for avoiding speed cameras), a revolving number plate (a good trick when trying to confuse traffic wardens), a bullet proof shield (handy should you find yourself driving through any war zones), an oil slick sprayer (other motorists probably won’t appreciate this being used) and of course your very own machine gun (which is of course fake, though I would still avoid whipping is out unless you want to cause mass panic and get a visit from the police).

The iconic car was brought for just $12,000 back in 1969 but thanks to its association with James Bond the car has become one of the most expensive in the world. While this DB5 may be a little out of most peoples price range there are plenty of beautiful classic Aston Martins just waiting at an Aston Martin Specialist to be snapped up at much more reasonable prices, though of course they don’t come with Q’s handy gadgets.

Ford Transit: The Backbone of Britain

The video below epitomises the diversity and appeal of the famous Ford Transit and its place it has in Britain. From roadside relay to aiding in fixing vital communications right through to delivering fresh bread to bakeries and taking the school class to their football match. The Ford Transit has worked its way in to the hearts of millions of Brits and has become an icon and the backbone of the business world. As people still look for Transit for Sale and it continues to grow in popularity only time will tell if we are still celebrating this iconic van in another forty years. My guess is we will be.

Bentley Teaser

Anyone who admires good design and quality will no doubt be in awe over the new Bentley Continental GT! Bentley Dealers across the country have waited in anticipation to have a glimpse at what this new model will look like and the video shows a teaser of what is to come. New wheels, sleek twin headlamps and a re-styled interior contribute to what looks like a very promising model for Bentley Dealership all over the country to start selling in volume upon its release.