Ferrari Cars and a New Classic

Ferrari, the luxury Italian sports car company, was founded by the engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1929, as ‘Scuderia Ferrari’. Enzo Ferrari’s primary interest was motor racing and today the names Ferrari and Scuderia are synonymous with the motor racing world around the globe.

The Ferrari car debuted at the now famous 1940 ‘Mille Miglia’ race but, due to World War II, the car saw little competition during this period of time. Enzo never started out to build road going cars, but due to diminishing funds and financial reasons, he succumbed to the Continue reading

The Ferrari 458 Italia and its Latest Award

Ferrari has always been at the pinnacle of sports car excellence and represented the top end of motor sport world.

The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, and then called “Scuderia Ferrari”. At that time the company manufactured race cars, by the late forties it was decided time to move into the production of street-legal cars, so “Ferrari S.p.A” was formed in 1947. Continue reading

The New Ferrari FF.

Great news for any Ferrari lovers out there! This years Goodwood Festival, running this weekend, will host the unveiling of the new flagship Ferrari the fantastic four-seater V12, available soon via Ferrari Dealership.

The new FF badge is an acronym for ‘Ferrari Four’ which represent the new sports car concept of twinning four seats with four-wheel drive, which as Ferrari themselves put it is ‘not so much an evolution as a true revolution’.

Ferrari went on to explain that; “The FF is the first road car to take drive to the front wheels from the front of the crankshaft, rather than through a separate transfer case. The innovative and patented 4RM system weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional four-wheel drive system and ensures perfect weight distribution (47:53) for the optimum driving performance that clients expect from a Ferrari, even for a Grand Tourer with four seats”.

The ‘optimum driving performance’ in the quote above is delivered by a brand new V12 6,262cc direct injection engine which creates and impressive 660hp at 8,000 rpm. Mix in with this is the fantastic transaxle dual-clutch F1 gearbox to help get that power to the ground and provide blistering acceleration. The stats read 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds with a tops speed of just over 200 mph.

This merger of great versatility and comfort with all you would normally expect from a high-performance sports car makes for an incredible experience. So if this sounds like something that’s right up your street then pop down to your local Ferrari Dealer to find out a little more.