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The Ford motor company have just released information regarding a new car that they will be releasing in the near future that will be equipped with the most advanced telematic system available. The news that the Ford Evos will be scheduled for European launch in 2012 was announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin and has made it one of the most highly anticipated automobile technology releases in recent years.
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Van sales in August bounce back

Van sales in August bounce back

Figures released by the SMMT (The society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) have shown that van registrations have increased by almost 23% in August. Van sales took a slight dip in July due to the financial and economic climate, but for many Augusts rise shows a healthy increase.

The chief executive of the SMTT commented on the current commercial vehicle sales market remarking, “With the commercial vehicle market up by over 20% for the year to date, the industry is optimistic, but short to medium term economic uncertainty is likely to temper the rate of future growth.” Continue reading

Ford to create the best in car experience

Ford to create the best in car experience

Modern technology is constantly changing with new advances happening each and every day. This of course runs very true for motoring manufacturers too, who are under immense pressure to keep ahead within a very competitive industry.

The Ford Motor Group have never been ones to hold themselves back and are one of the most important providers of automobiles in the world. They invest a great deal in advancing their technology both under the bonnet and within the interior.

Determined in some respects to ‘transform’ the experience of driving a car, Ford are not only encompassing the work of their own engineers and developers to work upon advancing boundaries in interior and exterior car design but that of many other companies and sectors from around the world. In the past some collaborators of the Ford Motor Company have been Gracenote, Microsoft and Sony to name but a few. All of which have helped develop certain features to improve the modern Ford driving experience with features such as voice recognition software, in car entertainment and much more.

Using an example of one of the current projects that Ford are undertaking and developing; the in-car infotainment ‘SYNC’ system, we can see just how the individual companies work together to develop and produce Ford’s uniquely upgradeable system.

Gracenote collaborated with Ford to further the connection between digital music players and the car’s systems. Another company that have in the past worked in alignment with Ford is Microsoft, with developers working towards a software platform to power the SYNC system and allow it to be both upgradable and co-operative with external developers.

So, if you are looking to invest in a new car that is manufactured by one of the most advanced and expanding companies then visit your local Ford Dealers and browse their great selection of New Ford Cars.

The New Ford Fiesta ‘Style’.

Should you be searching for a new car then you should certainly take a look at the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta is the UK’s most popular vehicle and is available in many different types and specs. Just this month Ford has launched the latest version which is called the ‘Style’ series.

The revamped version will include many new features as standard including Home Safe headlights, Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Intelligent Protection System (IPS), anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). Not only has the Fiesta been given more features but the price has also been decreased to well below the previous entry models. With that in mind why not take a visit to your local Ford dealers and take a look at their range of new Ford cars for sale.

Equip Your Car With The Right Equipment

Making sure that you have the correct equipment whilst driving is very important, it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling a long or short distance, being unprepared for a situation can mean either inconvenience and danger or both. Many motoring suppliers offer differing kits and packs that combine large selections of objects that can come in very handy.

With kits available with everything from emergency equipment through to breakdown and touring collections you can be sure that there will be something that you can buy that will come to good use in your car or van. These types of kits can be invaluable in case of emergency and you may never need to touch one, but having it within easy reach is a very good idea.

European travel kits

When travelling abroad you may find yourself in a country that has differing driver rules to your own country. These could be anything from age requirements, practical procedures and some countries also require you to carry certain documentation. Equipment provided within these kits include, magnetic ‘GB’ plates and Hazard warning stands

Emergency breakdown Kit

Ensuring you have the correct equipment should your car or van breakdown, this can not only help with safety issues but also can help your stress levels in the event. Breakdown kits have everything from high visibility clothing through to tow ropes and warning signs.

First Aid Kit

Every car should have a first aid kit; these types’ kits contain a great deal of items such as bandages, information sheets, emergency blanket and would dressings.

If you are looking for new Ford cars for sale then why not take a visit to the Ford Dealers Foray Motor Group.

The end for Ford CD players?

One of life’s little luxuries is being able to listen to your own music in your car as loud as you want to. First we had just the radio, then it was tape, followed by compact disc and now we are seeing advancements such as MP3 and Bluetooth.

Bearing in mind the advancements and also the growing trend in ‘music on the go’ helped by the likes of Smartphone’s and MP3 players, CD’s are becoming a less and less popular choice of in-car entertainment. The Ford Motor Group have always considered themselves to be pioneers in not only automobile technology, but also popular culture and trending. So, in a move that many people have commented has come far too soon the motoring giants have announced they will begin phasing out Compact Disc players in many of their upcoming new models.

Already the first step has been taken by Ford with the release of their new range of Focus models; people purchasing one of these models will find that no longer does the vehicle come equipped with the once popular multi disc CD changer that was equipped as standard but in its place, a media centre known as ‘Sync’ system that features a range of USB and Bluetooth connections for the driver to utilise.

This move comes as figures show a dramatic drop in Compact Disc sales over recent years; some even showing a 35% drop over 4 years and an even larger increase in digital sales. So why not head to your local Ford Dealers and take a look at what they have to offer when it comes to New Ford Cars for Sale.

Fords plus points for Google

Love them of hate them; social networking websites are here to stay! As a business it’s very important to embrace new ideas for marketing and these types of websites and online communities are one of the largest platforms available.

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google have just released and started testing their own social network known as Google+. It has been said that one day company websites could be replaced by corporate pages on these types of sites, bearing that in mind it’s no wonder that companies are flocking to promote their brands, products and increase their interaction with customers online.

The Ford Motor Company has been one of the first companies in the world to have a corporate presence on Google+. One of the significant points to note of this is that Google are deleting most business listings and profiles from the network, showing just how important and trusted the Ford Motoring group are by being given the opportunity to help with the trial.

At present Ford’s Google+ profile has over 1,200 followers and is becoming one of the largest and fastest growing communities. Visitors to Ford’s Google+ listing will find everything from photo caption competitions, question and answer sessions and even the chance to have a live video chat with Ford’s director of marketing.

Ford have always been ahead of its competitors in both its technology and its marketing, so being able to be one of the first corporations to exclusively experiment and experience this new online media platform is a great feat for the Company. This is also great news for Ford Dealers who will be hoping that the great publicity and flowing endorsements will help with their new Ford cars for sale.

Ford Speak out on the UK’s car Economy

This month on the 28th of July the annual “International Automotive Summit” took place in Westminster. Members that attended included a varied and influential mix of international heads of some of the largest businesses involved within the car industry, political figures and an array of keynote speakers.

In the recent and somewhat troublesome financial climate, there have been many discussions regarding the way forward when it comes to expanding the United Kingdoms car manufacturing output. The Ford Motor Groups European chief executive Stephen Odell commented on this topic at the summit on his feelings towards the future of UK car making and how to go forward.

Making sure that the government have a firm plan will be essential to expand the countries car manufacturing or else the UK will fail to rebalance the economy. Citing that one of the largest problems within the current climate is that of car production is already riddled with overcapacity. This meaning that many car suppliers are offering unrealistic prices as a means to keep their plants and related departments open.

At present the UK motoring industry employs over 700,000 people and exports over 15 billion pounds per year. The UK counts for 10% of the world’s car exports which shows just how important the country is.

Mr Odell who was speaking not only on behalf of Ford Motors but the coalition of auto traders under the banner of the SMCC made clear that they were not demanding grants or financial assistance as a means of help from the government. He explained that education was very important when it came to expanding the autos market, meaning getting a larger amount of students to take up related subjects such as science, technology and engineering. Something that Ford has began to develop with their recent scholarships schemes that they have introduced within the UK.

The talk of ways forward in expanding the car market within the United Kingdom is of course great news for Ford dealerships and will give people seeking new Ford cars for sale a much better deal.

A New Take on the Bentley Continental GT

If you’re looking for a new take on the old Bentley Continental GT then you’re in luck, the recently launched “Mulliner Styling Specification’s Classic Pack” may be just the thing you’re looking for from your local Bentley Dealership.

The new exterior design for the back is crisp and ultra-sharp, with beautifully styled new front splitter, side extension blades, a new rear diffuser (more on this to follow) and sleek integrated strakes on the front intake grilles, all set off in modern smooth, high-gloss, coal black carbon fibre. The traditional Bentley ‘B’ makes and appearance too, with a “winged B” attached to the smooth side extension blades. It’s also worth mentioning that the GT’s fantastic trademark twin elliptical tailpipes a brilliantly set them off, but the new rear diffuser which has a real sense of definition and good design.

Next up are all the options available with the package, 21 inch alloy wheels with seven sleek spokes painted black offset by black carbon-fibre bezels and featuring dark mesh front wing vents. In addition to those fantastic wheels there’s also a smooth dark black carbon fibre rear spoiler, and wing mirror cowls available.

This great new package was designed by Bentley’s head of exterior design, Raul Pires, who is understandably proud of this fantastic piece of design. To honour this and in keeping with Bentley’s quality commitment, all the new sections have had the full range of testing at the Crewe factory in north-west England, by the great technicians there, to make sure they handle as well as the rest of the car.

So, if this sounds like an offer too good to refuse then why not head down to your local Bentley Dealer today.

Europe’s top selling car, The Ford Fiesta

Figures released by the worlds leading provider of motoring and automotive business trends have shown that the Ford Fiesta was Europe’s top selling small car in March and second most sold car in the first quarter of this year.

The Ford Fiesta was last revamped and remodelled back in 2008 and since then has sold a staggering 1,350,000 vehicles worldwide. According to the released data, this year in March the Ford Fiesta sold 50, 534 units in Europe, that is almost 10,000 units ahead of its next following competitor. The Fiesta has changed dramatically since its introduction in 1976, both in its looks and performance.

Roelant de Waard who is the vice president of sales and marketing for Ford Europe commented upon the news saying “And, with the all-new Ford Focus and the new C-MAX models – both just launched and already enjoying a strong sales momentum – Ford is further strengthening what is already an industry-leading product line-up in Europe”.

Ford are constantly finding new and improved ways of promoting their products which is one of the main reasons for their success over their competitors. Just this month a new campaign was launched and aimed at promoting the Ford Fiesta. The “love the summer vibes’ campaign is in partnership with one of the largest players in online media ‘Spotify’ and also in conjunction with the London radio station ‘Capital FM’. Viewers and listeners will be prompted to visit a specially made micro website with details about upcoming summer events and festivals. The campaign is expected to be a great hit and will incorporate a variety of social media platforms to create a ‘Buzz’ about its popular small car model the Fiesta.

To find out more visit your local Ford Dealership and checkout their great new Ford cars offers.