Fords gives sneak peak of Focus ST Online

Fords gives sneak peak of Focus ST Online

The Ford motor company are continually developing new cars with the most up to date security and are renowned for their advanced accessories for their many vehicles. With such a foothold in the motoring technology sector the company of course uses the internet in many ways to market their products and keep customers up to date on their latest releases.

As I am sure you will know, Ford enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath regarding the companies Focus ST that’s soon to be released. Fans of the Upcoming Ford model will be able to check on the progress of the Focus ST in its final development cycle by using the company’s Face book page.

The car which is scheduled for release next year will be featured periodically on its page as Ford will be adding videos, pictures and articles about the technologies and performance factors regarding the ST. Not only will avid fans be able to catch glimpses of the vehicle in action but also commentary from developers and other key people involved in its evolution.

Already many photos and videos have been posted and uploaded to Ford’s Face book page and more are expected right up until 2012 when it’s released. There are plans to release videos of the car in action on testing grounds including Lommel in Belgium, Nürburgring in Germany and other tracks around the world including the United Kingdom and Spain.

This is just one of the many social media ventures that Ford have used in recent years, others include the base model Focus and the New Ford Fiesta. If you are looking for a new Ford car why not visit your local Ford Dealers and take a look at their New Ford cars. The benefits being that you won’t have to visit Facebook or have to wait another year to get your ideal car!

The New Ferrari FF.

Great news for any Ferrari lovers out there! This years Goodwood Festival, running this weekend, will host the unveiling of the new flagship Ferrari the fantastic four-seater V12, available soon via Ferrari Dealership.

The new FF badge is an acronym for ‘Ferrari Four’ which represent the new sports car concept of twinning four seats with four-wheel drive, which as Ferrari themselves put it is ‘not so much an evolution as a true revolution’.

Ferrari went on to explain that; “The FF is the first road car to take drive to the front wheels from the front of the crankshaft, rather than through a separate transfer case. The innovative and patented 4RM system weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional four-wheel drive system and ensures perfect weight distribution (47:53) for the optimum driving performance that clients expect from a Ferrari, even for a Grand Tourer with four seats”.

The ‘optimum driving performance’ in the quote above is delivered by a brand new V12 6,262cc direct injection engine which creates and impressive 660hp at 8,000 rpm. Mix in with this is the fantastic transaxle dual-clutch F1 gearbox to help get that power to the ground and provide blistering acceleration. The stats read 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds with a tops speed of just over 200 mph.

This merger of great versatility and comfort with all you would normally expect from a high-performance sports car makes for an incredible experience. So if this sounds like something that’s right up your street then pop down to your local Ferrari Dealer to find out a little more.

The Continental ISR

Bentley ISR

For those who follow these things you may have heard that back in February the one of the worlds best rally drivers Juha Kankkunen broke the world speed record on ice, also know as the ice speed record (ICR). The record was set in a specially modified Bentley Continental Super-sports convertible, which managed an average ‘two-pass’ speed of 205.48mph.

And now for the big news, Bentley is marking this fantastic achievement by releasing a limited edition of the car of which 100 will be made. The Continental ISR is a divergence from the usual Bentley style with a more radical design. It’ll be available in three different colours Quartzite, Beluga and the most striking of the three Artica White and will be fitted out with the usual interior comfort with beautifully done leatherwork. All the models feature a striking red carbon fibre trim to mark them out as ISR models and dark grey soft tops.

Engine wise you’re looking at 630bhp from its W12 twin turbo engine leading to acceleration to 60mph of 3.8 second. This extra power over the normal versions comes with the latest improvements in the exhaust, air intakes and the intercooler. Fuel wise it’ll run on either your regular unleaded petrol or the reduced emission E85 bio-ethanol.

So if this sounds like it could take for fancy then why not pop down to your local Bentley Dealer or Bentley Specialist to find out more, as it’s a great chance to pick up a fantastic limited edition.

The Ferrari Town

There is something strange going on in a Dutch town where row upon row of perfect houses with their manicured lawn all have something rather unusual in common. On the drive way of every house sits at least one, if not two, beautiful Ferrari’s.

This is not the result of some miraculous economic recovery or some mass syndicated lottery win rather this is what happens when a Ferrari owners club decide to rent out a holiday village for a get together.

In the video below you can see a walk through of a Ferraris lovers dream with an endless parade of Boxers, 430s, 599s, 575s, California Spiders and 308s parked in the drive way.

If the sight of all these Ferraris inspires you why not head down to a Ferrari dealer and maybe you could end up joining the owners club on their next outing.

Introducing the Aston Martin Vantage S

Introducing the new Aston Martin Vantage S, the most powerful and most beautiful Vantage yet which is packed full of new features to create the very best driving experience.

The Vantage S boasts a 4.7 litre V8 which delivers 430bhp and the newly developed SportshiftTM II transmission which has been designed specifically for the Vantage S.

To enhance the Vantages already considerable looks there is a new lower bumper that is finished in carbon fibre, and allows for a greater intake of air to cool the engine and front breaks. The Vantage S comes fitted with 19-inch ‘V’ spoke wheels as standard with a 10 spoke wheel available as an optional extra. At the back a new bumper and side sills make the car appear to be wider.

CEO of Aston Martin, Dr. Ulrich Bez, said “The Vantage S epitomises every attribute of the V8 Vantage and pushes the driver experience beyond what we have offered before. It combines dynamic exhilaration with all the charming finesse, beauty and practicality already associated with the Vantage range.”

As if all the new features and tweaks weren’t enough to give you an amazing ride drivers can now simply press the sports button to quicken the gear changes, increase the throttle response and even open the exhaust bypass valves to make you one of the quickest and loudest thing on the roads.

Prices for the coupe version start at £102,500 and the roadster starts at £110,700. The prices may seem steep but can you put a price of such motoring beauty.

This car symbolises a new benchmark for Vantages, which is likely to make the S very hot property indeed. If you want this car in your life then head to an Aston Martin dealer straight away to avoid disappointment.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the brand new luxury grand tourer from the German car marker and is designed to replace the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The SLS marks the first Mercedes to be designed in house at AMG and its styling is said to be inspired by the classic 300SL.

The car was first unveiled to the world in 2009 with sales beginning in 2010 for Europe and 2011 for the US. Despite not officially rolling off the production lines yet the car has already featured on the front of the hugely popular Gran Turismo 5 racing game and was the safety car for the 2010 F1 season.

For those who have fallen for the cars amazing looks you had better head to your Mercedes dealer to put your order in before the waiting list become too long.

Your Next Ferrari Could Read Your Mind

Ferraris of the future could offer a very different driving experience to today’s Ferraris, or in fact any other car in the world. the super car maker already offer cars which are so finely tuned and responsive that they could almost be reading your mind, but for Ferrari this is not enough so they are prepared to go one step further. Which is why in a few years time when you pick up your new car from your Ferrari Dealer you can look forward to a few extras besides the amazing drive we have come to know and love.

It has recently been revealed that Ferrari has filed several patents for a range of biometric and psychometric sensors that monitor your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blink rate, perspiration and most amazing of all it even monitors your brain activity. The patents suggest that these sensors will be fitted in the cabin to allow a constant monitoring of the drivers condition.

But why would a car ever need to know all of this information? Many people, including the boffins at Ferrari, believe people chose their driving settings, including adjusting traction control, according to what they like rather than how they are physically and mentally feeling. Sometimes this can lead to drivers choosing the wrong settings for their conditions, which can lead performance and driving issues. Ferrari hope that these new sensors will allow the car itself to choose the best driving settings for the person behind the wheel, allowing for the best drive possible.

Fiesta V’s Lamborghini

Ok, I know. Is there any contest? Surely the lambo is faster and slicker and generally better than the little Fiesta? Not necessarily. Have a look at this fun video where we see the Ford Fiesta Taunton do its absolute best against the beast that is the Lamborghini. Unsurprisingly it gets beaten on the straight but it does better than you’d initially think on the corners and of course it does have some perks that the Lamborghini doesn’t. Take a closer look.

Porsche Voted the Most beautiful Car Brand in the World

News from the US has given Porsche dealers plenty of reason to celebrate recently after it was announced that Porsche has been voted the world’s most beautiful car brand. Voters in the US voted the iconic brand as the most beautiful for an amazing sixth year in a row.

In the surveys list of most beautiful cars Porsche scored highly with the Gran Tourismo Panamera and the Porsche 911, which ranked second and third respectively. In the category ‘Premium Sporty Car’ the 911 came out top once again for the second year in a row.

The Apeal study (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) questions around 82,000 new car owners annually to determine what is attractive to the American market.

Porsche topped the brand rankings with an impressive 877 points out of 1,000 beating the second place brand Jaguar by 23 points and the third place BMW by 31. The rest of the top 10 were Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Lexus Acura, Lincoln and Cadillac.

The Chairman of the Board of Porsche AG said “The key to our consistent top performance are the continual advancements and quality improvements to our vehicles. Porsche’s outstanding ranking in the JD Power is a clear indication that our work is honoured by customers. The excellent overall results, including the very good cut for the Panamera, which made it to second place on its first go around, are the result of our persistent customer-orientation”.

Porsche Dealership is expecting a rush of customers to snap up these beautiful cars after this recent announcement.

Get your top down

Well it’s that time of year again, the suns out, the skies are blue and everyone is that little bit happier. Its summer and as you drive around in your oh so sensible car, others are driving around in the car of their dreams, roof down, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh breeze blowing through their hair.

I suggest, as we only live once, that you get yourself down to your nearest Porsche Dealership and take a look at what soft tops they have available and you too could be one of those lucky people we all look at in envy over the summer months. Of course, a decent soft top will set you back but the benefits will far outweigh the negatives.

Your car will not just be used for getting from A to B. You’ll want to go out in it on any given sun shining opportunity, driving through the country, along the coast or just cruising through town will give you and whoever you choose to share the luxury with, some kind of great feeling.
As we are in June already, it is worth ceasing the opportunity and going along to have a look at some Pre owned Porsche or other type of sports car now, after all you don’t want to miss this summer, especially as it’s proving to be a rather nice one so far. Make sure you go along to the dealership on a nice day and test drive any of the cars you fancy with the roof up and down so you get to know what the car is like in both scenarios.