Enjoy Cannes in a Transit Van

The Cannes International film festival is by far one of the most extravagant and important events in the film industry’s diary each year. Each year the French resort of Cannes becomes alive with glitzy celebrities, film premieres and an awards ceremony to top all awards ceremonies.

The event which takes place every May showcases everything that the film industry has to offer, awards range from best canine actor to the Palme d’Or (“Golden Palm”) which is the most esteemed award presented during the festival.

Should you not be invited to dine with Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts or Keira Knightley then fear not, you can have a taste of Cannes in Cannes, just not a very exclusive or luxurious one!

Each year amongst the Porsches and designer dressed entourage you will find an extremely unique makeshift venue set up at various outside locations showing premieres and other film gems.

‘Cannes in a van’ is the brainchild of the English director Andy Greenhouse, each year since 2007 Andy and a small team of helpers and friends travel to the French film festival with the intention of showcasing some of the countries latest and most interesting independent films.

The ‘premieres’ take place around the resort town of Cannes, the difference being that the ‘Cannes in a van’ offerings are shown from the back of a Yellow Ford Transit Van. With makeshift seats provided and Astroturf laid out, film goers can relax and enjoy an outdoor viewing of their choice for just a few Euros. To add to the glamour and glitz, Andy and his team dress in Black tie and even offer a service where you can have your own film premiered for a tiny cost.

Who knows, we may well be seeing a future endeavour incorporating the Ford Transit Connect; ‘Cannes in a smaller van!’

Classic Mercedes Ponton Cabriolet at Auction

There’s a great opportunity for Mercedes fans as a fantastic1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Ponton Cabriolet heads to auction this July 19th.

It’s something that you wouldn’t normally see at your local Mercedes Dealer, this fantastic original shows of the fantastic archetypal ‘Ponton styling’ that makes this car such a classic.

The car gets is name from the German name for pontoons, which according to historical sources was that trend in Germany of adding armoured panels along the sides of their tanks during wartime. This practice transferred itself into the world of cars via the integration of the front fenders into the full-length bodywork.

This classic is one of one 17 right-hand drive models that were created in the range and so something of a rarity. The soft topped, six cylinder, Ponton is everything you would expect from a car of its era with its slab like sides and oversized appearance, brilliantly set of by its style and luxury and thus making it a highly sought after Grand Tourer.

The 220SE is a boosted fuel injection version of the original 220S 2.2 litre. The changes increased its maximum power from 106 to 115bhp while keeping the top speed of 100mph, this obviously lead to a significant increase in acceleration.

The Ponton on sale features a striking black with contrasting blue hood colour scheme with its original maroon leather interior and is a great buy for any enthusiast, it may require a little work but any classic car dealers will be able to help with advice.

Bentleys Icy with New Model

Bentley has celebrated its recent record breaking ice speed attempt with the launch of a special edition model. The Bentley Continental Superspots “Ice Speed Record” Convertible was unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show and sports the most powerful engine ever to be found in a Bentley and produces an impressive 631 bhp. The convertible reaches 0 – 60 in just 3.8 seconds and in just 9.5 seconds you will find yourself doing 100 mph.

The Ice Speed Record Convertible comes in a choice of two colours, Beluga, Quartzite and Artica White. The soft top comes with a composite weave of semi-transparent grey acrylic fibres creating its own dark grey metallic finish. You will also find a set of dark 20-inch alloy wheels.

Inside you will find both traditional and modern materials. In the seat facing, quarter panels and doors diamond quilted Alcantara has been used, on the roof panel and dashboard a high gloss carbon fibre with a red weave has been used. A black 20-inch Supersport wheel can also be found.

To get your hand on this special Bentley or any other the other equally amazing Bentley cars why not visit a Bentley specialist.

The ice speed record was set by the Finnish rally driver Juha Kankkunen, who reached an amazing speed of 205.48 mile per hour in the Bentley Continental Supersport across the frozen Baltic Sea. This smashed his previous record of 199.83 mph set in the Bentley Continental GT.

Watch the video below to see the amazing record for yourself.

Bentley Celebrates its Ice Speed Record

Bentley have broken the World Ice Speed Record, achieving a top speed of 202 MPH with their biofuel based Continental Supersports Convertible. This remarkable feat is a great publicity stunt for Bentley demonstrating just what their biofuel models are capable of and drumming up interest in the limited run of 100 Continental Supersports Convertibles that are available.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these cars you better act fast and have the money to back you up. Those hundred models are sure to be flying off the shelves at Bentley dealers around the world, so pretty soon you’ll have missed your chance to get in on the ground floor of such an important event in the motoring world.

Should you feel that you’re not quite able to purchase one of these models at the current time, perhaps you should consider looking into getting a pre owned Bentley. Every car in their range exudes style so you’d barely be settling at all.

If you still think that might be a splurge too much there are a limited run of 1000 watches designed by watch maker Breitling for Bentley. These have more hands on their face than somebody who gets slapped a lot, and they give read outs on all sorts of things. Personally, I doubt I could even tell the time from one as the thing looks incredibly cluttered, but it is certainly a way of joining in with Bentley’s triumph, weep though your wallet (and friends) may.

Ford set to unveil new designs

Ford are said to be getting ready to announce a new ground breaking model of vehicle in the very near future. It is being reported that this announcement will be made at the Geneva Motor show which runs between the 3rd and the 13th of March this year.

This announcement will be just one of many press conferences that will be held by the Ford Motor company throughout the event which may well incorporate news and information regarding another four new vehicles that are set for release.

Don’t worry if you cant make it out to Geneva for the Motor show this year, you can expect many of the New Ford Cars for Sale to be available in the UK in the near future from your local Ford Dealership.

Aston Martin Short Film – Our metaphorical car is now on its roof

After Aston Martin made part 1 of their car-wreck of a film available on their website last week, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Just what is MB up to? Who was that man in a flat cap who failed to react convincingly to a phone call? What’s in the case the foursome are carrying?

Well, you’ll be disappointed by Part 2 because none of those questions are answered. Instead, we get some useless padding made up of moneyshots of the car, rejected scenes from an army recruitment video, MB sat at a computer staring at what seems to be a music visualiser and a terrible fight sequence where slow, gentle taps of the elbow or fists send opponents collapsing to the floor, spasming in pain.

We also got the worst gun sound effects (even if it was supposed to be a silenced pistol) outside of a 1980’s videogame. Enjoy, and as this film continues you might want to start considering showing just how little you think of it and going to a Porsche dealership instead.

Aston Martin Crash Headlong into New Media

When a company tries to move into the new advertising space that the internet and social media offer it can go one of two ways: brilliantly or, as the latest Aston Martin campaign seems to be heading towards, absolute trash that is ridiculed across the internet.

CRINGE at the crude, clichéd dialogue.
GASP at the terrible delivery and timing.
WONDER if this is meant to be tongue in cheek or a genuine effort.

Thankfully, Aston Martin make much better cars than they do short films, and if you want to see something of actual quality then you can simply head to your nearest Aston Martin Dealership.

Prepare for your Traffic Accident Claim

If you have any interest in pursuing an accident claim to get your hands on some road accident compensation then the most important thing is to start early. You’ll have the details from exchanging insurance information with the other driver already, but you should be sure to get down everything you can remember that led up to the accident and anything that might have contributed to it. Details like these will be very important if the claim ever sees the inside of a courtroom.

With all your information in hand then it’s time to consult an expert on this sort of matter. Any traffic accident compensation solicitor will be able to take a look at all of the information you have and advise you on whether you have a case or not. They will also tell you of any other information it would be useful to have. The sooner you visit them and find out what else will be needed the better your recollection of events will be.

You should keep running through the accident in your mind so that it stays fresh and read through your record of the incident every so often. Be careful about adding to it or changing it after the event, even if you think you’ve remembered something new. There’s a chance that your imagination has begun to kick in and you might start to twist or alter the facts. If your story begins to change people may become suspicious.

You should also visit a medical professional to document any injuries that you’ve sustained in the accident and keep a record of your visits and how they affected you. Information like this is very useful when determining the actual amount of compensation that you should receive.

A Perfect Small Family Car

If you have just found out you are expecting your first baby, you’ll be overjoyed I’m sure. As everything starts to sink in and you get further on in your pregnancy you will have to start planning some practical issues. You may find you need to do some work on what will be the nursery and that new 50″ HDTV will have to be put on hold for other purchases like a pram and cot.

You may also find that the vehicle you have isn’t suitable for a baby. A two seater sports car for instance or even a small city car will be inappropriate. A car needs to be spacious enough for the baby as well as all the kit that you need to carry; a pram is just one of many items. With your finances due to become more and more of a stretch, buying a new car could be a difficult decision to make but there are lots of dealerships out there like a Ford Dealer Poole which have a whole host of cars and offers.

These dealerships will sell both new and used cars like the Ford Focus Dorset and once you are there you can make up your mind whether to go for new or used. The Ford Focus has many benefits for a small family. Affordable running costs, coupled with a quiet ride will make owning this car more enjoyable. The build is sturdy and it has a decent reliability will which ease your mind when you have a baby on board. It is also spacious and has a superb layout, ideal for your growing family.

What you get with a car warranty

Like any other type of insurance policy, what will get covered on your car will largely depend on how much you are willing to spend. The one obvious benefit that a used car warranty gives you is peace of mind, something that most people will agree, money can’t buy. When a car gets to a certain age the chance of something going wrong increases and the probability of having to get it to a garage and spending a sizeable amount of your month’s income, maybe even more, is likely.

Whilst a car warranty is unlikely to cover wear and tear or entertain the idea of covering an already failing car, if you have a car that is worth covering then it is important to take the time to find a reputable company. Look for one that will offer you a detailed warranty, one that can cover everything from all mechanical, all electrical and all electronic parts. Often, the only part you have to play in gaining such a comprehensive warranty is to ensure you service the car in question annually and there are no known problems or faults with the car prior to signing up, this along with actually paying for the warranty.

If this criterion is honoured you will find that the engine, gearbox, clutch, drive train and running gear, braking system, fuel system, cooling and heating systems, electrical systems, instruments and oil seals gasket are all covered. In fact, cover will include some things you may never have heard of and the good thing about a comprehensive warranty is you never will need to, in detail that is.