Van sales in August bounce back

Van sales in August bounce back

Figures released by the SMMT (The society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) have shown that van registrations have increased by almost 23% in August. Van sales took a slight dip in July due to the financial and economic climate, but for many Augusts rise shows a healthy increase.

The chief executive of the SMTT commented on the current commercial vehicle sales market remarking, “With the commercial vehicle market up by over 20% for the year to date, the industry is optimistic, but short to medium term economic uncertainty is likely to temper the rate of future growth.” Continue reading

Television Vans and Cars Hit the Streets

Television Vans and cars hit the streets

Should you be driving around your area in the upcoming months keep your eyes peeled for some very interesting vans, amongst the many commercial vans on the road such as the Ford Transit you may well find the A-Team van or Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine behind you.

The vans are part of a promotion by Virgin Media who are advertising their new TiVo set top box service. The plan is that if you sign up to the service you may get your set top box delivered and set up by an engineer driving one of the custom designed vehicles. Continue reading

Commercial vehicle registrations increase again!

Commercial vehicle registrations increased again this month bringing a ray of light to many car and van dealers around the UK. Figures show that the demand for new commercial vehicles increased by 1.5% in June of this year, the comparison was drawn from figures relating to the same period from last year throughout the European Union.

Small and light commercial vehicles that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes saw total unit sales of 1,001,579 with an increase in all European countries except for Spain. With so many great vans and trucks on sale there is no better time to visit your local Ford Transit dealer and check out their full range of Ford Vans for Sale

The Ford Vans Drive to Fitness

A very interesting project is being undertaken and promoted by the Ford Motor Company in Ireland. The ‘Drive to Fitness’ campaign has been introduced to encourage people who use their vehicles for work regularly to change not only their eating habits but also get tips on exercising. The main two groups of people who are being targeted by the project are commercial van drivers and company car drivers. Ford have teamed up with the award winning nutritional therapist ‘Elsa Jones’ who has selected some great pointers not only on food and nutrition but also exercise.

Many drivers try to keep themselves alert by consuming large amounts of caffeine and sugary snacks, the effects of this being irregular blood sugar levels, which can lead to slumps in energy levels, sleepiness and even concentration loss. All of which you certainly don’t want to be getting during each working day.

A leaflet provided by Ford gives commercial vehicle owners such as Transit Van drivers many recommendations about what types of foods to eat. Split into specific meal types and snack suggestions it is bound to be a great help to many. Here are just some brief basic tips to help you eat more healthily taken from the campaign.


Slow release carbohydrates are by far the best choice, items such as Porridge, muesli and eggs are recommended to help keep energy levels stable.


If you are deciding upon getting a sandwich, making sure that it is a healthy option such as bread type and contains salad can improve your energy levels.

Even though this campaign has at present only been released within Ireland but we can be sure that Transit Van and Ford Transit Connect drivers within the UK will be seeing similar health awareness campaigns regarding commercial van drivers in the near future.

The New Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak was unveiled last month to the European consumer motor market at the annual Geneva Motor Show last month and has been hailed as having ‘21st century muscle and toughness’.

The Ranger model is already the flagship 4×4 from the Ford Motor group and the new improved ‘Wildtrak’ version features many improved features under the bonnet and around the interior/exterior. The engine incorporates a 2.2 litre turbo diesel four cylinder system that certainly gives it the punch that is needed to push its performance specs above of any other vehicles in its category. The Ranger Wildtrak also performs incredibly well when it comes to towing and payload carrying. Announced as being able to pull 7,730 pounds adequately and having a payload capacity of 2,930, it certainly is the vehicle for those in need of a heavyweight work vehicle.

The styling of the Wildtrak is also a major feature of its remodelling, on the outside the first thing you will notice will be its 18 inch alloy wheels, chrome roof rails and side steps. Inside the cab is just as alluring; the Wildtraks dashboard combines the Ranger’s already proven and trusted interior design with some added extras. Dashboard instruments include a display that shows the current off-road angles and even has extra options to include Bluetooth media streaming and ipod/iphone connectivity.

To take a look at the Ranger Wildtrak for yourself, head down to your local Ford Commercial dealer who will give you all of the advice and knowledge you will need when seeking a new 4×4 vehicle for work or play.

The AA trust in the Ford Transit Van

When we encounter problems with our cars or vans we immediately rely on the expertise and knowledge of a breakdown and recovery company. The most popular breakdown company, the AA (Automobile Association), have been rescuing stranded drivers and passengers since 1905.

The company already has 3000 vehicles within its fleet, ranging from motorcycles through to large recovery vehicles, which service the country. When it comes to investing in more commercial vehicles, the company has chosen to purchase vans from the Ford Motor Company. An order of a whopping 500 vehicles has been given to Ford, most of them the Ford Transit model. Fifty of the new Ford Commercial vehicles will be used by the AA’s windscreen repair department which already uses 100% Ford Models. The remaining 450 vehicles will be added to the frontline of the breakdown company’s fleet and will be expected to be on the road, with a flashy new yellow finish, by the end of the year.

Ford’s relationship has been close with the AA since 2011 when they purchased 247 vehicles. This really does go to show that when seeking reliability and value for money that the Ford brand is by far the highest recommended.

The Transit is the most popular van on the market and has retained that title for the past 40 years. Judging by this latest show of support it will continue to prosper for many years to come.

The Sales Manager of Ford UK, Paul Henderson, commented “Ford and the AA have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship which is further strengthened by this new, large order of Ford Transits. We look forward to working with the AA to help maintain its status as the UK’s largest roadside assistance organisation.”

New Ford Commercial Revamp in the Pipeline

Ford have just announced that within the next three years it will be making many new changes and revamps to its current range of Ford commercial vehicles. The UK Managing Director of Ford Motors has just released news that over the next three years Ford will be making what is thought to be the company’s biggest ever investment in its commercial van division so far.

Judging by the announcement we should be seeing, within the next three years, newly designed and revamped versions of the already popular Transit van and Ford Transit Connect models. Both of these will be joining the upcoming new Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 which will be released in the near future. Even though the Transit van as a whole will be receiving an overhaul both in looks and performance, it has been mentioned that the current model will be also be getting upgraded in the near future. This is due to the demand from current users and the impact upon them regarding CO2 emission regulations that have been introduced recently such as the LEZ (London Emission Zone).

The Econetic version of the Transit van will see a new long wheel base version which, Ford claims, will save owners in excess of £16,000 over 80,000 miles of usage.

The Ford Transit Connect will also be seeing advancements in its modelling within the next three years, it is speculated that an Econetic version will be released to bring the vehicles CO2 emissions further down in accordance with the Euro5 rules and regulations that will be coming into effect at the end of the year.

Ford front vehicle scrappage scheme

For those that are worried that they will be out of pocket by quite a large amount when the proposed low emission zone (LEZ) scheme comes into effect on January 3rd 2012 there is some good news.

The Ford Motor Group will be softening the blow for many of their London customers by offering a great deal on their commercial vans such as their popular Transit Vans , Transit Connect and their new Ranger vehicle. Owners of vehicles that are 10 years old or over could easily benefit from the Ford scrappage scheme and find reductions of up to £3000 off a new Ford van.

The scheme was introduced by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and will mean that anyone driving a vehicle that is deemed to have a high fuel emission will be charged a fee of £100 per day and possibly a fine of £500 should they enter the designated zone in the heart of London.

Ford has released the following prices when trading in an older van against the price of a newer model that is classed as low emission.

Trading in a Transit Connect can get you £1,500 off, a Front-wheel drive Transit £2,000 and a Rear-wheel Transit (V348) can give the maximum of £3,000 off a new commercial vehicle.

The Mayor of London has spoken of Ford’s help towards the city’s next step in becoming more environmentally friendly by saying “I am delighted that Ford is being so supportive with its commercial vehicle scrappage scheme, allowing Londoners to trade up their vehicles to new, cleaner models. It is particularly pleasing that vans running on engines made locally in the capital are part of this package. Ford’s commitment as market leader is a fantastic contribution to my goal of a less polluted London with a great quality of life.”

What is a Commercial Van?

You may well have heard the expression ‘commercial van’ but what does this imply and what sort of vehicles are classed as one. Firstly a commercial vehicle can be a type of vehicle that is used for transporting and moving goods or passengers from A to B. Referring to what the European Union class as a commercial vehicle would mean that any vehicle that is made and equipped to carry either cargo or equipment that is used for providing a service is classed as a commercial van.

Definitions can differ around the world, for example in America a vehicle is only classed as commercial once it has been either titled or registered to a company. Within the UK the most popular commercial vehicle is the Transit van by the Ford Motor Company along with their pickup truck the Ford Ranger. Here is the Ford Ranger in action!

The white van man travels to the small screen

A ‘white van man’ is a term that is used to describe drivers of commercial vehicles on Britain’s roads; the phrase can mean anyone that drives a small to medium vans such as the Ford Transit. A large percentage of this group are thought to be either self-employed or work for small construction or courier businesses.

Ever since the term ‘White Van man’ was coined by one of Radio 2’s presenters Sarah Kennedy it has become a household term, which is why a comedy has now been written on the topic and is being shown on the UK television channel BBC Three.

The show is written by Adrian Poynton and stars actor Will Mellor (Previously of Hollyoaks and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) and Georgia Moffet who has starred in many TV series including The Bill and Doctor Who. Shot in and around Greater Manchester the show currently runs on Tuesday nights and is already about to have its third episode shown.

The storyline centres on Ollie who is a character who dreams about starting and owning his own restaurant, when his father becomes ill Ollie is asked to take over the families handyman business. Sadly for Ollie its not quite plain sailing as a dodgy van, strange assistant and a whole host of odd clients come attached to the job.

The show has already received some good reviews regarding the script and the characters, if you are a white van man and don’t mind a little bit of fun regarding your profession then why not tune in and take a look. Let’s hope it’s a success or the BBC might be selling off some cheap Used Commercial Vans soon!