A Warranty Worth the Paper it’s Written On

One of the biggest names in the car industry, Quentin Wilson, is brave. He has put his name to one of the UK’s leading Car Warranty plans, not only by endorsing it, but working for over a year to ensure this Used Car Warranty is something he can be happy to have his name on. Given his reputation and the fact that he once said Car Warranties aren’t worth the piece of paper they are written on, it must be a fairly comprehensive and worthy warranty to sign up to. It’s certainly worth a listen to anyway

What is a car warranty?

Protect your car

Would you buy a house, kit it all out with your favourite possessions and not insure the building or contents? Would you book a holiday of a life time and not take out insurance to cover you in the event of something happening? No, I didn’t think so.

Whilst you have insured your car either fully comprehensive or third party you may not have considered taking out a car warranty as well. You may not even know what a car warranty is or how they serve you. A car warranty is basically an insurance policy and like every other insurance option, it has varying levels of cover from the mere basics right up to full coverage. Generally speaking they will cover the cost of parts and labour if your vehicle was to ever break down.

A new car usually comes with at least a 3 year warranty so those fortunate souls get to have peace of mind for a good amount of time. Once the warranty runs out, the car is three years older and you are of course more likely to experience a breakdown. This is when you should look to at having a used car warranty and one that is worthwhile will cover engine, fuel and ignition systems, cooling system, gearbox, transmission system, suspension, steering, in fact all major mechanical components.

Committing to a car warranty will help you deal with any unexpected costs of car problems, and anyone who has owned an older car will tell you what a blow these can be to your monthly budget. Get some peace of mind now and you’ll get to just enjoy the ride.

Protect your car with a warranty

Car insurance is a legal requirement for all road users across the UK. Yet would so many people be keen to take it out even if it wasn’t a legal requirement? One theory is that yes they would. Why? What about the peace of mind that it offers? Knowing that if something was to happen to your car, you won’t be stung with a massive bill that you may struggle to pay has to be worth the cost alone.

So why don’t so many people choose for an extended car warranty? Surely the on going need to have a fully working car is as important as the possibility that something my damage your car in an accident?

An extended car warranty will protect you against the many problems that could occur. Your car is most probably an important part of your life and it is only then when you realise this that you begin to understand the importance of getting a car warranty that will protect you against such problems.

Daily use of your car could include going to and from work, picking the children up from school or going to see elderly relatives. In which any case a car that doesn’t work and you can’t afford to repair could cause all sorts of disruption to your daily routine.

For the small ongoing costs of having a warranty in place you will be able to side step and massive repair bills safe in the knowledge that your car will be repaired by a professional and returned in outstanding condition.

Things to get for your new car

With a new car comes great responsibility. A car is not a toy and should not be treated as one. It is easy to forget the dangers and problems that a car can bring if treated irresponsibility. These dangers and problems are not always apparent until they arise but some things that you should be aware of before you start to take your car too far.

Car warranty and breakdown cover is a well advised addition to any car. You may not think that you need either of these but there are hidden benefits to having both of these that a new driver could be very grateful of.

A car warranty can be a saving grace for any driver, especially if you have just bought a second hand car and want peace of mind. A warranty can cover many aspects of the car including the most badly affected elements that are prone to break down. Investment in something like this can see expensive bills being side stepped and your car being back on the road with out too much disarray to your normal working day, an investment that is well worth considering.

Breakdown cover is also another valuable addition. This is another essential tool that is ideal for any new drivers who know very little about their cars. You won’t get caught out if you break down and are unable to fix the problem. A roadside mechanic will turn up and meet you and try and fix the problem at the side of the road. If this is not possible then your car maybe towed to a nearby garage and repaired onsite.

These two will play an important part in the life of anyone with a new car, especially a second hand one.

Warranty for Xmas and I wanted an Aston Martin

So Christmas is done and dusted and after all the fuss and stress the chaos is clearing up and things are beginning to return to normal, providing you don’t include the massive snow fall, frozen roads and icy weather conditions.

With time to reflect on what we did, with who and what we got, it’s a good time for quiet contemplation.  Christmas doesn’t usually fail to deliver the occasional surprise and Christmas ’09 was no different.

After having a dodgy car for the last three months leading up to Christmas, you would be right in thinking that this might put some weight behind the xmas present that I wanted along the theme of cars. With the car playing up and refusing to co-operate in the cold weather and not function properly I was sure to let every one know that I might need something that be more reliable and would get me to and from work safely (Aston Martin DB9 ‘cough’).

Dropping subtle hints leading up to Christmas did not go unnoticed by my friends and family and they took these to heart when selecting my present.

It’s at this point that I am going to remind you that people don’t think a like. When I am hinting towards an Aston Martin sports car everyone else around me is thinking ‘He is hinting at a Car Warranty Plan for his existing car’ which in hindsight is not only more practical but a lot more realistic for my current lifestyle.

Perhaps an Aston Martin wasn’t what I really wanted. They are luxurious, and fast and look stunning but I couldn’t run one and where I live they would just make life harder. I am better off with the Car Warranty as I needed that more than an Aston Martin and the warranty will be incredibly handy the next time that the car decides that it’s not going to start today as the weather is too cold and it would be better if it didn’t have to more today.

The Benefits of a Car Warranty

Next to a house, a car is the most expensive item we purchase. And just like a house a car comes with a long list of running costs. Yearly tax and MOT, insurance and servicing, and the ever rising cost of petrol are all substantial drains on our income. And no matter how reliable the car nor how well serviced it is, inevitably, we will suffer the ignominy of a major failure. This will mean a trip to your local garage for repair. Whilst most garages offer an excellent service they still charge handsomely for their time. And modern cars often have exceedingly expensive parts, often a result of having to replace a whole unit rather than just the component at fault.

Most of us are prepared for the regular payments to keep our cars running along happily. But it’s those unexpected breakdowns that really hammer our bank balances and in accordance with sod’s law they will always come the day after you’ve paid for a holiday or a generous surprise birthday gift.

What if you could prepare for that moment so that when the mechanic passes you the bill instead of a lurch in your stomach, you feel a flush of satisfaction and relief? This is when the benefits of a car warranty plan are at their most obvious. With a quick call to the claims department you can have all that paper work taken care of and the bill signed off without a penny leaving your bank account.

These benefits are even more apparent with car warranties for used cars. By their very nature a used car has an unknown history and no matter how good an example they are, there is always the risk of that clutch going or the exhaust dropping off. By planning ahead with a car warranty plan you are making easy monthly payments as a form of protection against those big garage bills. Initially you may not feel the benefit but you will thank every payment made when you leave the garage without having handed over any cash whilst the customer behind you goes green at the sight of their bill and wanders what will have to be sacrificed from little Jimmy’s birthday to cover their expense.

Is a Warranty Worth it?

A common belief among people is that warranties aren’t worth the paper that they are written on. Car warranties are some of those that people would consider that fall under this category. With all the disclaimers and restrictions that they come with can they really be a worth while investment.

It seems however, that many people have decided that car warranties for used cars can be a greatly beneficial element to have. Why? Well, many people can not afford to but a brand new car each time the manufactures warranty expires. They also can’t cope with the loss of their car, as usually no transport to work could result in a job loss, something that people would like to avoid, especially in the current economic instability.

Most motors can be covered for many of their parts against failure enabling you to have peace of mind.

For many people it is worth the money for reassurance. Not breaking down on a cold wet windy night in the dark on the side of the road awaiting roadside assistance wondering how much it is all going to cost. Knowing that if something goes wrong with the car then its covered. Otherwise you can guarantee that two other things will go wrong at the same time causing a mad panic and a frantic search for the money to fix everything.

Have you taken out an extended warranty? Has it worked for you? What was your experience with the deal? Leave a comment on what you think.