Disabled People Pay More for Transport

When you’re disabled, all kinds of things can be struggle. Driving and transportation can be very difficult, since there are only so many ways that this can be accomplished. One of the major downsides, too, is that it costs more for transport when you’re a disabled person. Getting a wheelchair-equipped van, for example, isn’t something that comes with a low price tag. These vehicles can be purchased already equipped with lifts and other options, or they can be bought standard and changed around so that they can accommodate wheelchairs and other items. Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll end up paying more than you would for a standard vehicle of the same size and type. While unfortunate, there is little that can be done about this. These things cost money, and the modifications that need to be done to a van or other vehicle take time, too, which is something that has to be paid for. It’s not just the modifications that are made to personal vehicles that are a concern, though. When it comes to public transportation, disabled people are also often left struggling, and they have to pay more for what they get, as well.

If you’re disabled and you want to travel spontaneously, it can be nearly impossible. Just finding public transportation that can accommodate you can be troublesome, and once you’ve located a way to get where you’re going and back again, how much will you have to pay for it? Many public transportation companies charge more because a wheelchair or other device takes up more space. Some of them don’t even have wheelchair lifts, and there are many that are not designed to accommodate people who are mobile but who cannot get around in the same way that most people do. This keeps many disabled people at home most of the time, and that’s unfortunate in that they miss out on a lot of things that they could really enjoy simply because they can’t get there and get back safely. With no public transportation that they can afford on a regular basis, they stay home out of necessity, not out of a desire to do so.

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Disabled Motoring

There are many people through out the UK that are unfortunately disabled. Yet these people manage to live a normal life and in some cases to a better standard than some of us who are considered completely able bodied. It would be a mistake to ignore the influence that technology has had to people who are disabled. Advances have made life more comfortable for many people who are disabled and have enabled life to become a little easier.

One advance brought to us by the technology available to the disabled is the adaptation of vehicles for the disabled. This invaluable service has proved to be a great benefit to many who have such needs. An ideal solution for people that are finding that transport is becoming increasingly difficult. Adaptations to vehicles will allow the car to be modified in such away that makes gaining access in and out of the vehicle.

Two simple questions will access as to if an adaptation to the car would make life any easier. ‘Does anyone in your family use a wheel chair?’ And, ‘is transport becoming difficult?’ If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then this could be the solution that you are looking for to make life a little easier.
There are two options that can accommodate the need that the disabled passenger has. Option one is an adapted passenger seating system. In order to obtain this, usually a standing transfer is required. The carer or partner needs to be free of back, shoulder or heart problems. The wheelchair is also required to be dismantled and loaded into the boot of the vehicle.

Brotherwood adapted car

Option two is a vehicle that is adapted for wheelchair access using a ramp that allows access via the rear of the car. This is usually achieved by a hydraulic lift or a simpler ramp system that attaches to the back of the car.

On both accounts it would be well worth while seeking the advice of a professional company that specialises in the adaptation of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and has a track record in supplying Mobility Vehicles

The best wheelchair accessible vehicles in 2009

For many disabled people finding a vehicle that they are comfortable and happy to drive can be a problem. Wheelchair access can sometimes be vital so below we will go through a few of the vehicles that we think are some of the finest wheelchair accessible vehicles

Peugeot Partner Combi

Although it may be one of the smallest wheelchair accessible vehicles this Peugeot ticks all the boxes for internal headroom, comfort and accommodation with most wheelchairs entering with ease as well as leaving room for a further 4 passengers.

Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla offers great internal headroom offering greater visibility to the passenger than other vehicles. Thanks to a cleverly designed cantilever seat the added room means that the wheelchair passenger can sit next to the driver with 2 other seats also available behind.

Volkswagen Sharan

This hugely popular VW is one of the most spacious available in our list and has the same mod cons as many top quality people carriers. The Sharan is probably the most popular on this list and has the generous capacity to fit one wheelchair user as well as four other passengers.

Mercedes Vaneo

The Mercedes Vaneo is suited ad accommodates for the taller wheelchair user and can fit one wheelchair user as well as four other passengers.

Volkswagen Caddy

This diesel powered Volkswagen looks and feels similar to the VW Golf. Offering great visibility the Caddy is also able to accommodate nearly every different type of manual or electric wheelchair.

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