Commercial van registration numbers up

Figures just released have shown that the number of commercial van registrations so far in 2011 have improved upon last years already high numbers. The Figures show that an increase of almost 24.1% occurred in April this year compared to April last year. This increase is of course something that has been speculated upon as for the past fifteen months the number of transit vans being registered on the United Kingdoms roads has steadily increased.

A large part of the growing trend in new vehicle registrations has been attributed to the upcoming levy and regulations regarding London’s low emission zone. The zone which from the third of January 2012 will charge varying degrees to van operators inside the zone depending on their vans emission rates. Many dealers including Ford are offering schemes and incentives to upgrade from older vehicles to much more energy efficient and eco friendly vehicles.

The director of the RMI National Franchised dealers association commented upon the increase in numbers saying “Demonstrating an ongoing resurgence of confidence in the commercial vehicle market, April recorded the 15th successive monthly rise for new van registrations, up by 21% in the month. Truck figures saw an even healthier growth, up steeply by 40%, the seventh successive monthly rise,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. “Year to date figures for almost every sector were up significantly on 2010, a trend that is likely to continue throughout the year.”

This is certainly great news for dealers and manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as Ford who sell great vans such as the Ford Transit Connect and the Transit Van.

Thought about a Van Driving Career?

There are many different types of jobs within countless industries that require you to drive a commercial van. For many people driving is a great enjoyment and to combine this with an occupation can be a great idea.

People that have not driven a van before really will be surprised at just how comfortable and easy they are to drive. Take for example the Ford Commercial Transit Van or its smaller panelled counterpart the Connect van, both of these vehicles have the manoeuvrability and the practical features of a new family car.

So now that we know that driving a van is comfortable and certainly as easy as driving a car, let’s looks at the skills and qualities you will need to get a van driving job. Since most of the time you will be on the road you will certainly need to understand driving law, road signs and hold a full driving license. The type of driving license you will need depends on the size and type of van you will be driving.

Working to deadlines is very important if you take a van driving job, people and companies will be relying on you to pick up and drop off items in a strict time frame. Depending on what you will be transporting you will need to be physically fit and able to move items with the slightest of help and assistance.

Many driving jobs will want you to have a good knowledge of the area you will be travelling to; this could easily be the local neighbourhood but could also cover the whole of the UK. GPS systems fitted in vans are of course a great help but common sense certainly can save the day in some instances.

The Must Have Van Safety items

As I am sure you will know that health and safety is very important, especially to van drivers. It is essential to be prepared for any kind of emergency or situation that presents itself and to have everything you will need to deal with it.

New gadgets and items are released frequently that really do incorporate great thinking to help you with any safety issues. As commercial van drivers spend much of their time either in vans or very close by, it can pay to have some of these items installed or at hand in case of emergency.

Roof Vents

Depending on what you will transport in your van you will need ventilation at some point, roof vents are available either as air driven or electric. They are very low profile and can be turned on whenever needed providing peace of mind. It is recommended for larger vehicles to have two roof vents to allow the air to circulate.

Load Restraints

When you are transporting items in your van it is essential to make sure that they are secure, this is not only for your own safety but also for the protection of the items! Load restraints can be fitted to commercial vans such as the Transit van or Ford Transit Connect to give more lashing points to secure goods.

First Aid kit

With van driving you can often find yourself in remote locations, so having a first aid kit can be a great help should you or someone else need medical attention. These kits can be wall mounted to conserve on space if needed.

The Ford Transit tops the reliability polls

Ford has this month been named in a poll as the most reliable van manufacturer in Britain. The survey was carried out by ‘Fleet News’ the largest company car and van newspaper in the UK. Fifty of the countries largest contract hire companies were involved in the poll; results were decided by rating 183,000 vans and counting breakdowns per 100 of each.

In the same poll Ford scooped another victory by having its flagship van the Ford Transit be named the most reliable van in the UK for the forth year in a row.

The Transit van is no stranger to awards; just this year alone it has amassed a huge amount of awards such as:

Best Security Panel Van 2010 – What Van? Magazine for the 6th consecutive year in a row

Best Minibus 2010, – What Van? Magazine, for the 4th consecutive year in a row.

Most highly commended Small Panel Van of the Year 2010 – What Van? Magazine

The latest models of Ford Transit van include many fantastic features such as hill launch assist (HLA), facia mounted gear stick and its own innovative stowage. With all of these features as standard and its great price tag it surely is set to receive many more awards for years to come.

Owing to the success of the Transit van, Ford have used their knowledge and experience to create many other commercial van models such as their compact panel van the Ford Transit Connect and their pick up the Ford Ranger Wildtrack.

Mirror Sat Navs introduced by Ford

For those who drive a Transit Van regularly and haven’t got an integrated sat nav it can be an aggravation to have to fit one to your windscreen each time you make a journey. This also leads to rather obvious signs that a sat nav has been used for any car thief walking past that sees the suction cup marks and hazards a guess that the sat nav is probably stored in the passenger glove box.

For those fortunate to drive a Ford Commercial or Ford Car then there is now an option to have a sat nav unit fitted alongside the rear view mirror in an extended holder. It replaces the old rear view mirror and works in perfect unison with people checking their rear view mirror to see what’s going on behind.

Fitted within an hour by any reputable Ford Dealer, it sits without any visible wires or damage caused. What’s more, it is fitted with anti theft security and comes with a battery charged connection. Called the ‘MirrorNavi’ it has been designed to have tinted and mirrored glass and is made by two leading sat nav companies. It has a 3.5 inch touch screen colour display with internal memory and a card slot.

The MirrorNavi is an affordable £299 plus any local Ford Dealer’s fitting charges. A good price for anyvan driver making deliveries day in day out. The MirrorNavi comes with 2D and 3D map display, EcoRoute, destination memory and maps and voice response for more than 70 countries and languages.