Commercial vehicle registrations increase again!

Commercial vehicle registrations increased again this month bringing a ray of light to many car and van dealers around the UK. Figures show that the demand for new commercial vehicles increased by 1.5% in June of this year, the comparison was drawn from figures relating to the same period from last year throughout the European Union.

Small and light commercial vehicles that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes saw total unit sales of 1,001,579 with an increase in all European countries except for Spain. With so many great vans and trucks on sale there is no better time to visit your local Ford Transit dealer and check out their full range of Ford Vans for Sale

The AA trust in the Ford Transit Van

When we encounter problems with our cars or vans we immediately rely on the expertise and knowledge of a breakdown and recovery company. The most popular breakdown company, the AA (Automobile Association), have been rescuing stranded drivers and passengers since 1905.

The company already has 3000 vehicles within its fleet, ranging from motorcycles through to large recovery vehicles, which service the country. When it comes to investing in more commercial vehicles, the company has chosen to purchase vans from the Ford Motor Company. An order of a whopping 500 vehicles has been given to Ford, most of them the Ford Transit model. Fifty of the new Ford Commercial vehicles will be used by the AA’s windscreen repair department which already uses 100% Ford Models. The remaining 450 vehicles will be added to the frontline of the breakdown company’s fleet and will be expected to be on the road, with a flashy new yellow finish, by the end of the year.

Ford’s relationship has been close with the AA since 2011 when they purchased 247 vehicles. This really does go to show that when seeking reliability and value for money that the Ford brand is by far the highest recommended.

The Transit is the most popular van on the market and has retained that title for the past 40 years. Judging by this latest show of support it will continue to prosper for many years to come.

The Sales Manager of Ford UK, Paul Henderson, commented “Ford and the AA have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship which is further strengthened by this new, large order of Ford Transits. We look forward to working with the AA to help maintain its status as the UK’s largest roadside assistance organisation.”

New Ford Commercial Revamp in the Pipeline

Ford have just announced that within the next three years it will be making many new changes and revamps to its current range of Ford commercial vehicles. The UK Managing Director of Ford Motors has just released news that over the next three years Ford will be making what is thought to be the company’s biggest ever investment in its commercial van division so far.

Judging by the announcement we should be seeing, within the next three years, newly designed and revamped versions of the already popular Transit van and Ford Transit Connect models. Both of these will be joining the upcoming new Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 which will be released in the near future. Even though the Transit van as a whole will be receiving an overhaul both in looks and performance, it has been mentioned that the current model will be also be getting upgraded in the near future. This is due to the demand from current users and the impact upon them regarding CO2 emission regulations that have been introduced recently such as the LEZ (London Emission Zone).

The Econetic version of the Transit van will see a new long wheel base version which, Ford claims, will save owners in excess of £16,000 over 80,000 miles of usage.

The Ford Transit Connect will also be seeing advancements in its modelling within the next three years, it is speculated that an Econetic version will be released to bring the vehicles CO2 emissions further down in accordance with the Euro5 rules and regulations that will be coming into effect at the end of the year.

Famous Ford Cars

This article will have a look at three of the most popular Ford cars that have appeared in films over the last forty years. These iconic cars have become a landmark in the history of film and represent, not only a work of art but a must have machine for many collectors.

The first car this blog is going to address is the 1972 Ford Torino which featured in the film ‘Gran T0rino’. This film offers a stunning performance by Clint Eastwood and is considered by some to be one of his best for years. This is also believed to be Clint Eastwood’s last performance in front of the camera, and does not disappoint. Unfortunately the car does not feature in the film for very long but the storyline is however built up around the car itself. The car features in the film and looks stunning and really reminds you of the craft and design that is put into the creation of these beautiful machines.

Next up is the iconic film ‘Bullitt’. Steve McQueen played the main character in this role and become a hero to thousands of people over night. Speeding around the streets of San Francisco in what only can be described as an awesome muscle car. McQueen ensured that the lime light was firmly fixed on this beast of a machine. The car featured is of course the timeless 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback. The film saw the car pushed through its paces through a series of tight corners, challenges of handling in fast and furious action sequences that set the bench mark for car action sequences to come.

This article would not be complete with out a look at the 1976 Ford Torino that features in the remake of the cult figures Starsky and Hutch. This remake saw Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson each take a roles of the two main characters to bring the 70s classic television series up to date. The car features in the film a reasonable amount of time and re-enforces the whole original muscle car theme that dominated the 70s television series. High speed chases and action sequences see the car chasing bad guys and making some daring hollywood stunts.

These cars are all iconic machines produced by Ford. As well as making highly sought after cars they also produce a range of reliable Transit vans. Visit Foray commercial today and see what range of stock they have that will meet your needs.

Green cars

As the car industry witness a decline in sales figures and the economy struggles to find it feet again, could a standstill in the market be kick started by a new greener choice of car? Big players in the car industry such as Ford are developing eco friendly cars that will be affordable to the masses and offer an alternative to oil driven vehicles.

The Denver Auto Show presented the new greener cars to the public as a more efficient approach to motoring. These cars were not something that was to be launched in the future or even concept cars but these are available now. As it stands a greener solution is not in the pipeline but with in our reach.

Thomas Niemann of Ford Motor Co explained the idea behind their green approach to motoring “Whatever we do has to be affordable and available for millions. It can’t be a niche project,” This is something that Ford is addressing and is obviously considering the masses in this move towards green.

Although the green cars are thought by some, to be a much needed step towards the motor industries impact on the planet.

The opportunity could be in people looking to upgrade their existing cars for something that will offer them the ability to save money and an affordable green car could provide that motivation that people need to change their cars.

Niemann went on to explain that Fords engineers are getting better fuel performance out of traditional petrol cars. The EcoBoost program that has been developed and used by Ford improves the efficiency of fuel by 20% through direct fuel injection and turbo charging. These technologies are usually reserved for muscle cars, yet by 2013, they are expected to be in 90% of the cars that Ford produce and may feature on some of their vans for sale.

Ford also plans to produce, by 2012, at least four battery powered electric models, including a delivery van called the Ford Transit Connect, which will offer up to 100 miles per charge.

The introduction of an electric car will be a giant step in the progression of the motor industry and should pave the way to secure the future of the car. However some people say that car manufactures can not produce some thing that will be affordable enough to completely replace the car as we know. It seems only time will tell.

To view the current range of Ford Commercial vans try the Ford Transit Connect for a good starting point.

The Future of Sales in the Motor Industry

The drop in car sales has continued through the release of the new 09 plates. Indications show that the public are still not ready to start spending their cash on motor vehicles Even the arrival of the new 09 registration plates in March couldn’t kick start sales in the motor industry. Sales of new registrations in March of 2009 are expected to be down about 30% in comparison to the figures in March of 2008.

A slump in figures is part of an ongoing phase that seems to be brought on by the finical strain being seen throughout the world’s economy. The housing market and banking sector has also not gone unaffected by the economic downturn.

According to the SMMT the forecast of the industry slump looks set to fall up to 1.72 million yet this is obviously only a predicted fall.

A proposed car-scrappage scheme that the government is set to announce may see a rise in new car sales. The scheme proposes a financial incentive for those who own older vehicles to scrap them and buy a new greener model. This could be a great opportunity for those who use commercial vehicles for work and consume a vast amount of fuel, reducing to on going expense of fuel as well as the impact on the environment.  Germany is one country that has already introduced a scrappage scheme which saw a rise in new car sales by 40%.

New car sales are usually a good indication of consumer confidence and will allows us to judge the status of the economic structure. The 90s saw new car registrations drop for 27 months straight. The recovery process saw the industry recover upon the time of the annual introduction of new registrations to a staggering 2.5 million.

There are many vehicles that are available in this current climate and many can be had at a great price Ford Commercial vans are ideal for any kind of commercial work. If you are looking for Vans for Sale then why not try the Ford Transit which is a popular choice for people working in a range of industries.

Why Ford Transit Commercial Vans are ahead of the competition

Still the market leader. Ford Transit Commercial Vans offer something for everyone. Known as the benchmark for a large variety of commercial vehicles the Ford Transit is what everyone else in the sector measures themselves against. Always at the front when it comes to the latest most exciting ideas, Ford took an average idea and made it a bit more interesting!

A great thing to remember during a time of financial strife is that when inflation is accounted the Ford Transit is less expensive now than it was in 1995. A short wheel Transit van cost £12,270 in 1995 (which is £17,000 in today’s money) Compare this to the latest Transit van which is available at only £14,290 with a whole load of modern safety and comfort features that weren’t available 14 years ago.

Examples of new/improved features on the Ford Transit Van include: Anti skid brakes, improved airbag, a stability program (ESP), power steering, electric windows and a new cleaner and greener engine that is friendlier to the environment and pushing Ford ahead of the other auto giants.

This saving is reflected by Mr Steve Kimber, the Ford commercial director.

“A loaf of bread cost seven pence in 1995 and today is more than 17 times dearer.

“With vans, customer expectations in terms of driver comfort and safety have risen considerably since 1995, but the price hasn’t. I can’t think of a better value proposition for a van that is still the best business partner you can buy.”

Confident words from Ford but with such a comprehensive range of vehicles its understandable. With a range including the 350 EF Box Van, Transit Connect 260SWB Sport Van and 460EL Jumbo high roof van, the future looks bright!